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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Olive My Love

This summer we had the absolute pleasure of having cousin Olive at our house after her mommy gave birth to beautiful Rosemary and was recovering from giving birth.  Olive loves her cousins and they are crazy about her.  It's a love-love relationship.  

Nathan and Olive always had a strong bond. This year, Abigail and Olive really blossomed into their relationship.  Since Abigail was blessed enough to have some older girls take care of her over the summer (thanks you, Emilia, Molly, Hannah and Abigail!), she learned how to take care of little ones.  She immediately put into practice what she had learned.  She'd welcome Olive, take her by the hand and showed her just about everything Olive wanted to see.  Olive never tired of it and quite liked this personalized attention she was getting.  

Olive is in the stage where she likes to imitate the older ones.  Here Nathan is attempting to do a "candle" but didn't quite get his legs up.  Olive nevertheless tried it; backwards.  The copy we got the biggest kick out of, was when Olive tried to copy the "caterpillar".  Nathan saw it at church during VBC and has been practicing it ever since.  His is getting better but it still looks strange.  Olive copied him by laying on the floor flat and then throwing one leg after the other in the air.  It was really cute.

On this particular day, the kids wanted to make muffin tin lunches for a special treat for Olive.  We had an indoor picnic on a blanket with pillows lovingly arranged by "Nathy" (how Olive says "Nathan") and Abby.  The kids had toothpicks for utensils which strangely enough, none of them used as a weapon.  

Ah, cousin love.  Nathan is always happy around Olive.  He loves to show her things and just love her.  They have a lot in common. They are both very physical, both bad sleepers as little ones, both full of energy and don't sit still much, love the outdoors.

Tangent!  Seeing the Playdoh: I made homemade Playdoh today and used some flour that had gone rancid.  Apparently Abigail did NOT like the smell.  She played with it and when I served her lunch today, she told me that she had to eat in the other room so "the smell doesn't go in my nose."  Seriously, it did not smell bad.    Tangent over.

Even Isabelly loves her Olive.  She follows her with big smiles and wants to kiss her.  When busy Olive stops and gives her a squeeze hug and a kiss, Isabelle just beams.  That is until Olive's love squeeze turns into anaconda squeeze.  Then Isabelle screams, Olive lets go, and then Isabelle admires Olive again and patiently awaits her next hug and kiss.

It is funny to me how the kids just know that they are family.  They are around other kids just as much but they know the difference.  For example, they've known Carter and Evan longer than Olive and seen them more but yet they distinctively treat Olive different. We are very blessed to have our family so close to us.  

I used to love it when my cousins came to Grandma Lischen's house.  Especially my cousin Marco, who was closest in age to me, was very dear to me when we were children.  Hopefully all these little ones will have the same bond.


  1. this post made me smile real big. this was definitely was the summer of the cousins for little olive. i remember when i was pregnant, wondering if abby and nathan would be too old to have a good relationship with olive. when i see how much they love each other, i feel so thankful and blessed to have you guys as our family!! who would have thought that all those years ago, when we first met, that it would all turn out like this -- isn't life great? thank you for being the best aunt and for raising the best cousins!

  2. Life is great, for sure. :-) I can't wait to see how they will grow up together. I just love them all so much and am so grateful for your family to be in our lives. God is good.