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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Parades, Parades and more Parades

We love parades.  Oh yes we do.  :-)  They are so very American.  And we love America.  Naturally we love parades.  This year we really loved them.  We went to four of them.  Funny thing is that the kids never once tired of them.  They were always excited.  And we had good weather for all of them.
It was interesting to compare parades from different areas.  The first one we went to is trying to not hand out candy anymore because the roads get too dirty.  Now that seemed un-American to us personally. :-)  All had veterans walking in them as well as other service men and woman.  It is always a nice way to thank all of those wonderful people who give so much of themselves and who sacrifice so much.  
Parades are definitely one of our favorite parts of summer. 

But first things first:  Abby got a new hairdo.  She was not a very happy camper when I brushed her hair every morning.  Her curls would knot up in the back.  No matter how often we combed or what products we used.  She begged me to let her cut it.  Remembering how much happier I was when my mother cut my hair short, I reluctantly gave in.  It turned out really cute and everyone is giving her compliments, even random strangers.  It is funny how many people want to just touch her hair.  It doesn't even phase her at all when someone runs their fingers through her hair.  The other day a female stranger did so at a birthday party and Abigail didn't even turn around to see who it was.  It is just that natural to her that someone needs to touch her hair.

The back is my favorite part of her cut.  

The kids' favorite part of parades?  The candy, of course.  Three of the parades we went to this year really went all out.  Only good candy and so much of it.  We probably have enough to hand out on Halloween.  :-)

I like that picture of Nathan.  For one he looks handsome.  Really wanted to say "cute" but he'd probably be very upset with me.  Second, he is appreciating something I baked.  While he doesn't much like my regular cooking, he sure appreciates my baking.  

Nathan was really excited about them handing out freezer pops.  

Abigail is our eager waver.  She will wave to everyone, all throughout the parade.  Both of our kids have also been taught to stand up and take their hats off when the flag passes.  

As much as people are drawn to Abigail's hair, they like to give her presents as well.  I'm not joking.  One of the parade people gave Abigail this Garfield.  This is her second stuffed animal from a parade.  Stuffed animals are Abigail's friends.  She has tons.  And loves them all.  Of course, Bear (bet you can't guess what animal he is???) and Lamby are still are her favorites.   

Look at all that candy!  

David dared Nathan to eat a sour candy.  His face was so funny.  He is making a sour face and giggling at the same time.  So cute.  Sorry, I meant handsome.

Anyways, hope you got to enjoy some parades of your own this summer.

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