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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Summer Af-Fair

In August we really started to really check things off our summer list.  It seemed the first month of summer just was gone before we even knew it.  The second we did a few things but the same thing happened, time just flew by too quickly.  With a slight fear that the kids wouldn't have any fun during the summer (is that possible?), we decided to do something at least every weekend day in August, if not even during the week as well.  We went to various parades, free community events and two fairs.  The first one was the big one and that is where we went all out, rides and all.  This one was a smaller one and we decided not to do rides and to concentrate on the other parts of the fair.  It was a blast (if you don't believe me, see picture below).

Isabelle loves animals and freaked out, really freaked out, every time she saw one.  Here we are in the goat exhibit.  Isabelle got super excited, danced, squealed.  When she had calmed down, we guided her to the next goat and she did the same exact thing.  It was hilarious.  She entertained the rest of us with that.  She did it along the hole row of goats.  Apparently she loves goats.     

The girls talking to a little 4H girl about goats.  She had baby goats in her cage, which the girls really liked.  And Abby got a pink firefighter helmet.  The fire department had a hose that the kids tried to knock over wooden flames with.  They liked that very much and then they got a red or a pink firefighter helmet.  

Isabelle is pushing her fists into her chest and squealing.  

Daddy used to do this with Abigail.  The babies ride on his shoulder and he asks them: "Where is ____?"  After a while they lean over on the side and he says: "There you are!"  They definitely like this one.

The kids were blessed with a session on bats.  We learned quite a bit about bats from two forest ranger ladies.  Afterwards the kids were invited to make their own bat masks.  The dragonfly on Nathan's was already on there, so don't fault the boy for a girly motive.  :-)  

After the session I asked Nathan what was the coolest thing he had learned about bats.  He said: "That they scoop up insects with their nets." (By nets he means the skin between their legs.)  I asked Abigail what her favorite thing about bats was.  She didn't have to think about it: "That they are part of Batman!"

It's Smokey!  

This fair too had a great quilt exhibit and a fantastic Lego exhibit, and a great art exhibit as well.  There was a cupcake decorating demonstration where the kids got to decorate, well, their cupcakes and eat them too!  One of the highlights for them.  :-)  The weather was great for this fair as well and we saw some really neat things.  Most of all, we had a great time as a family.

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  1. Isabelle hatte ihren Spaß mit den Tieren.
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