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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Fair

My family's favorite part of summer (other than camping, of course) is with certainty our county fair.  What is not to like?  Wild rides, pretty teacup rides, a gazillion animals, fair food, shopping enticements, lots of creative ideas, exhibits of all kinds (did you know that fairs now give out ribbons for Lego creations?), play parks, pony rides, live bands, wild west shows, people on stilts, clowns, ice cream, pie, dogs jumping into water, lots of smiles, happy and overstimulated children.  And with any luck - sunshine!
Even though I used to frown at spending all that many on all-day wristbands for rides, I have become an utter convert.   It must have been all those happy faces that accompanied us.

I knew the day would come someday....  Nathan is tall enough to go on bigger rides and loves to dare me to go onto scary ones.  There are some that dad only will go.  Thank goodness for dad!  This one was actually pretty mellow.  Until you went around for the 15th time and got really nauseated from all that centrifugal spinning.  But Dave paid his dues as well.  He went into a ride where you drive in a circle and at the same time spin around the cabin you sit in.  They went pretty wild.  I'm not supposed to tell but he got a pretty sour stomach on that one.  

Nathan and Abigail were able to go on certain rides by themselves for the first time.  Abigail just adores her big brother.  She loved it.  I like this picture of them both having so much fun together.  

This was a rite of passage.  Nathan (middle seat) went on this one by himself.  At first he didn't want to go again but then he thought that if he can make me go, he'll do it.  After some convincing, I went.  He hugged me the whole way up while we were waiting in line.  It's a pretty cool ride though.  We got a good view of the fair and a fun way to go down.

Motorcycle, motorcycle, motorcycle!  (An insider joke for my kids and David.)

Isabelle did really well during the ride part of the fair.  She can't go on rides yet but she was perfectly content taking it all in.

My favorite shoes of hers.  

Oh, manly man in a teacup.  Love that man!

Sister love!  That makes my heart sing.  Pure sweetness.

Tired baby.

Yeah!  I got a motorcycle.  For some reason that really excited him this year.  When he was little, we would put him on these and he would have absolutely no expression at all.  We didn't really know if he liked it or not.

Abby thoroughly enjoyed this ride where you sit in a basket and just go around.  There were only girls on this ride.  :-)  She kept high-fiving me while she passed and then just pretended to fly with her arms.

Daddy and Abby.  She's really gotten into making faces for the camera.

Nathan got stuck halfway down the slide.  Abby is at the top.  Did you see her?

Her favorite on the carousel.  She actually noticed that their kitty seat was gone.  This was second choice.   

This is the ride that made Dave so sick.  It was funny because Nathan kept asking Dave to go here afterward and Dave tried to distract him from going there.

And more love and hugs.  So sweet.

We did a lot more at the fair but apparently did not take any more pictures.  I always make everyone look at the quilt exhibit.  They all bear with me very politely.  There was a great Lego exhibit and the kids even enjoyed the art and flower exhibits (well, Abby for the flowers, not really Nathan).  We of course enjoyed fair food and Grandma graciously donated money for a treat.  Abby went with her beloved cotton candy while Nathan chose ice cream.  No brainers.  We rested in a shady, grassy area and at our snacks while Isabelle explored a petting zoo.  She may have gotten over-excited.  Just a little.  Nathan and Abigail also got to use some bouncy houses.  It was a loooooonnnnnnggggg day (we stayed until it got dark) and our kids loved every minute of it.  They were so happy.   It might have been all the sugar they consumed.  :-)

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