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Monday, September 10, 2012

Two Quick Things

Best investment ever!  This year, David went out and bought a bigger-sized pool for the kids.  Both kids got a lot more comfortable with water and with the help of goggles and nose plugs, both got comfortable being under water.  
Nathan just loves to swim from side to side and swim or dive underwater.  He is always moving in the water, always finding new ways to make that water splash.  Nathan was fully convinced that his swimming abilities equaled that of the Olympic athletes he had seen  on TV.  Ha!  To have the confidence of a six-year-old! 
Abigail loved all of the swimming aids, particularly a blow-up monkey swim ring that Rusty and Megan had bought Nathan for his birthday.  Unfortunately, as all blow-up pool toys have a tendency to do, the monkey had an early demise.  She was comforted by a blow-up spaceship, which also had an early demise.  Guess what is still around?  The Dollar Store blow-up ring.  Probably because no one ever played with it before....  Abby also constantly yells at Nathan whenever any water comes close to her personal space.  She is convinced that she can stay dry in a pool.  

This was such a great idea by my husband.  He decided that a family night under the starts on the trampoline was just what we needed.  The kids loved it!  David always thinks of these wonderful ways to make memories.  They got their fluffy pillows out, got dressed warm, took their warm blankets and sleeping bags with them and watched the stars.  Much to David's surprise, they fell asleep really quick.  David's back was quite sore from sleeping on the trampoline and the condensation made the blankets pretty wet.  But who cares when you get to sleep on your trampoline!

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