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Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Zoo-per Day

We were the lucky recipients of a local zoo membership, graciously given by husband's little brother and his family.  The kids are at an age were all of them enjoy animals.  One of the sunny days this summer we all packed into the car and headed to visit our animal friends.  

This was Isabelle's first visit to the zoo.  She is our animal lover par none!  She adores animals and has been aware of them very early on (six months of age?).  Her first "words" were "Daidee" for Daisy and "Dig" for Twig, our kitties.  As soon as she had control over her hands, she'd gently (and that is hard for a baby) pet them.  As soon as she could walk, walking was just another method to following the cats and her older siblings.  Now, whenever she sees Daisy, she tries to snap her fingers (that is how I call Daisy) and happily calls "Daidee!"   She is also very excited for any animal that she sees and points them out to me.  If for some reason we are not paying attention, she will keep calling us and pointing into the direction where the animal previously was.  

Here we are checking out the black bears.  These were Isabelle's favorites.  She LOVES bears.  We were here for a long time and when it was finally time to move on, Isabelle cried.  She cried for a long time.  
Here we are on our train ride.  We splurged this time around and took the extra-charge for a train ride.  Isabelle has her Curious George stuffed monkey with her.  At the time, he was her absolute favorite.  Naturally, he had to accompany her to the zoo.  Now her favorite is a baby that my mom sent for Abigail.

Abigail really enjoyed the train ride.  Her dress is one of my favorites.  I love that dress.  She is also wearing her special hair pins.  They are animals/girls made out of ribbons.  Here you see the frog.  Those daddy bought at a Christmas exposition a few years back.  He is so sweet when it comes to getting girl things.  He always picks thoughtful presents for the girls.  He once bought her a musical jewelry box made out of wood with a picture of an angel on the top.  So very sweet...

Ah, the polar bear.  A family favorite.  This time around he was resting. Last time around, we got a special treat and saw him play with a ball for a long time.  In his defense, it was a very warm day.  

Sizing chart of bears.  And children.  

Fun stuff all the way around.

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