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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And The Award For First Head Laceration Goes To...

There were three nominees in this category.  It is believed that Nathan is in the lead to win this award, closely followed by a table-climbing Isabelle.  Or will the unexpected happen and the underdog Abigail will run away with this one?

Ladies and gentleman,
The award for first head laceration goes to......................................

Pause to create more excitement.........................


Congratulations to Miss Abigail.  She received the prestigious but undesired three staples to the head award for a 1-inch laceration on the side of her head.  Her stellar performance of  a whirlwind dancer whose joyous movements were quickly ended as she collided with the corner of two walls, earned her this trip to the emergency room.  The other main character, the calm as can be father, guiding all family members to the hospital quickly and efficiently, has also been nominated for Father of the Year award.
Other supporting cast worth mentioning are the grossed-out brother with "hurting legs" (I'm thinking this means "weak knees") every time anyone mentions "staples" or "head wounds" and the mother who translating German into English and is telling everyone that her daughter has a "hole in her head."  (I have since been corrected and now know that the word "laceration" should be used instead.)

Abigail graciously accepted her award with tears (unfortunately these were not tears of joy, but rather tears of pain).  Staples hurt.  She was brave though, very brave.  She was kind to the nurses and a delight to most of them, making them smile with her ever so lively and pleasant attitude.  She's up and running today, enjoying being spoiled by mom and dad.  She does have a big headache, which was to be expected.

So that was our umpteenth trip to the local emergency room.  To be honest, I figured my friend Melissa with her three wild boys would make this particular trip before me....  :-)

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