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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Ah, my favorite kind of post.  :-)

Nathan singing a beautiful love song about Abby to make her feel better.
After a while, he ran out of the usual material, so he improvised: "....I have as much blood as Abby...."

Nathan looking at shrink-wrapped bottles: "Look, they have a force field around them!"  (To see the world through a 6-year old's eyes...)

Abby, seeing a teenage boy climbing down a steep path by a river: "Yep, he's gonna die."

Concluding an educational lesson on bats by local forest rangers:
Mama: "What is your favorite thing about bats?"
Nathan: "That they catch insects with their 'net'."
Mama: "Abby, what is your favorite thing about bats?"
Abby: "That they are part of Batman."

Mama: "Maybe you guys can just share?"
Nathan: "We don't share that good so we'll just do whoever gets there first."

On the upcoming election of the American President.
Nathan: "Who is the second guy going against the president?"
Mama: "Whoever runs against the president at the time."
Nathan: "You have to run?"

Still talking about the election process:
Nathan: "How do you become president?"
Mama: "Well, first you have to be an American and an adult..."
Nathan: "Oh!  I was going to be president!" (Dodged that bullet, Mr. Obama!)

Walking over cobble stones:
Abigail: "That looks like cookies with the frosting leaking."

Dada: "It rained here."
Nathan: "Where?"
Dada: "Everywhere."
Nathan: "I don't see any reindeer."

Dada to Mama, who complained of an utter lack of energy: "Drink 5 latte shotwoopiedidoos and you'll have energy."

Abby telling me a story: "...and Susi went...."
Mama interrupting: "I thought her name was Nya?"
Abby: "Yea, I'm just calling her Susi."

Nathan: "So you're blackberrying me?" (blackmailing)

Nathan toying with the idea of John 14:14. ("If ye shall ask anything in my name, that will I do.")
"So I could ask for a house full of toys? Yeah!  And then they'd all be girl toys!"

Nathan singing a song to me:
"You are awesome, you are the greatest, you are the biggest..." (Thanks, bud.)

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