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Sunday, October 28, 2012


My "little" brother Alexander called me this morning.  This is not unusual as my family tends to call me on the weekends, particularly on Sundays.  He left a message on our answering machine as I was bathing the girls upstairs.  He then left another message that I found an hour later.  Still, the message was of no urgency, just letting me know he had tried again to get a hold of me.  I called him back.  After a little small talk and updates on our kids and their new dog, he asked if we could Skype.  He just got an iphone and had downloaded Skype on it.  Since our computers are not performing as they should, I told him that wouldn't be a good idea.  We did a little bit more small talk and then he invited me to a magic trick.  Alexander is a really funny guy and so it is always worth entertaining his strange requests.  He asked me to have Dave videotape me doing the trick and I'd learn something new about myself.  Kathrin, his lovely wife, yelled from the background, encouraging me to do the trick.  She assured me it was well worth it.  Again, knowing how funny my brother can be, I was just too eager to comply.  I interrupted poor Dave at work (on a Sunday!).  You see what the poor man has to put up with?  He happily appliqued.  Camera going, Alexander asked me to get some paper and a pen.  I thought: "Oh, he will have me write something stupid and then videotape my face over the paper."  Alexander explained that he would have me write down words and I had to tell him the first thing that came to mind.  The list of words (not necessarily in this order and not necessarily the complete list) went something like this (in parenthesis were my answers): Mama (me), car (driving), vacation (going on).  At this point he made a disappointed sound, making me think that my answers were not working out for his magic trick.  Then he continued: USA (me), coffee (drinking), airplane (mama, as in mine), Abitur (test), today (I can't remember my answer).  There were a few more words that I cannot recall.  I was trying to outsmart him and figure out what he was trying to do but none of it made sense to me.  Then he told me to read the list, starting with the first word and then reading only every other word.  That made the following sentence, somewhat: Mama vacation USA airplane today.  Oookay, I thought to myself, that makes no sense!  What I thought couldn't be true.  So I read it loud.  And he said: "Exactly!" Here is where I lost it.  You see, what he was telling me was that my mom was on an airplane to the USA to come see us!  I screamed and I cried.  My poor brother and his wife.  They are most likely deaf.  Somewhere along the lines I asked him what time she'd be there.  He said 12:25 and I assumed that he must mean midnight since it was about 11:10am right now.  No, he meant 12:25pm!  So we rushed to get dressed, get ready, get kids lunch and left.  And now my sneaky mama is here!  She got us good.  Real good.  I love surprises!


  1. Aww! You must have been so happy and surprised! Have a lovely time with your mom!

  2. Thanks Eloise! Yes, we are making every minute count... :-)