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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where The Wild Things Are

The two men in my life have great admiration for each other.  They also both admire nature.  And they both love to fish.  Therefore this day was bound to be a good one.  Early in the morning, the two men set out to find fish and bonding time along a close-by river.  The adventure was afoot.

Nathan found himself a most superb hiking stick.  Dad made it just the right size for him, but not without paying a price for it.  When he shortened the stick by stepping on it at an ankle, he must have somehow injured it.  The next day he could barely step on the foot.  That pain lasted for a few days until it finally went away.  Men, they never go see a doctor.
Anyways, here they are hiking through the backwoods.

Makes you feel small, uh?  Nothing like a little humble pie to feel awe.

That smile on my son's face just says it all.  The day was perfect. This is where a man's soul finds its peace.  

Cool root.  Two words with the "oo" sound.  Did you know there are different ways to pronounce that sound?  Yep, Nathan is learning to read.  I'm learning all the special sounds and rules of the American language.

Nathan lost his foot!  No, not really.  :-)  

Seeing these pictures, makes me drool.  I wish I was fishing too.  Maybe sometime soon.

I love that man.  I really do.  Life is so good.  Oh, another word with the "oo" sound!  Did you know his favorite beverage is made from a root?  Yep, rootbeer.

This remind me a little of a scene in Lord of the Rings.  Where the water balloons into a flood to help the Elfen girl escape with the hurt Hobbit.  I should google her name in order to be more specific...

Nathan is now casting all by himself.  That morning he had a great time exploring mine and David's fly-fishing jackets.  Since I haven't gone fly-fishing since we went to Yellowstone in 2005, all my flies where still in there.  Nathan was very interested in how one fly fishes and what all the flies were.  Then I had the urge to go fly-fishing in Yellowstone all day....  That would soothe my soul.

Nathan found himself a little writing nook to write a story for uncle Chris.  Uncle Chris bought them a Duck Tales DVD and the only way they could watch it was for them to write a story.  Nathan had to write about his fishing trip.

There was certainly no doom and gloom on his mind.  Just an overly happy little man.  It is turning into a great afternoon.  Now if only the giant fish would bite.

Ha!  A fish.  Nathan later on tried to understand why sometimes, you don't get a keeper.  It was a hard principle for him to understand.  :-) Since he is six and when you are six, you are just so excellent at everything.  

He is in such a good mood.  You can just see it in his face.

Ah, food.  No, not really.  This one was too little as well.

Apparently his foot slipped here and he told his dad after taking the picture.  He is going to get a kick with the big boot (an expression his dad uses quite frequently) if he ever does that again.

The pool of the waterfall right behind Nathan.  This place is so pretty, only a fool would not be able to appreciate it.

Nathan writing some more in his little book.  He wrote a good little story about a boy whose father took him fishing.  

David has owned this fishing shirt with a hood ever since I've known him.  And that is the only activity he will wear it for.

Nathan putting his first ever worm on the hook.  Normally dada does that for him.  Thankfully the worm is coldblooded.  

The moon is almost up.  Time to go home little man.  But not before soaking up the last little bit of this perfect day.  Then it was time to return to our neighborhood.
Bottomline: Boys adore their dads and they adore going out into nature with them even more.

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