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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Last of the Summer Fun

Although it is almost December......I'm still catching up with the summer posts....
Here is what we did on our last few days of summer bliss.  It is bliss because we had everyone home and that was just wonderful.  

This is a yearly nearby event we go to every year.  It is completely free!  Is there still anything free???  The only cost you may have is the food you purchase if you choose to do so.  In previous years, there was even free ice cream handed out to the kids.  They usually also have free concerts where they hand out free hot dogs and free rootbeer floats.  Amazing.
On the picture above, both kids are strapped to an elastic band that pulls them backwards.  The goal is to go as far as you can and place your velcro bar further than your opponent.  Abigail rarely plays to win.  She is in it for the fun.  What a great attitude!  Nathan, being almost six, is very competitive.  

Yep, pure fun!  Is that really my baby boy?  He is soooo big now.  The kids love bouncy houses.  I remember being little and going to a Holiday Park in Germany.  One of the attractions was a round bouncy house (like the one further down) and it is one of the only things I remember from that monumental trip.

Dada and his girl.  This one is a daddy's girl.  Abby is definitely more attached to mom, but Isabelle just loves her dad.  She automatically gets the biggest smile on her face when she hears the office door open.  And in his honor, just about every man is now "dada".  Even Nathan has to obey the new name.

Nathan trying his first bull-riding.  Abigail could not ride as she could not climb on herself.

Never fear!  Abigail found other ways to entertain herself.  While Nathan was bull-riding, she went down the slide a few times.

The round bouncy house I mentioned above.  She thoroughly enjoyed it.  She's my girl, what can I say?

The kids each got a tube and got to pick different flavors of a powder candy.  They were pretty excited about that.

Bow and arrow shooting lessons.  This event is just awesome.  Nathan liked this and would have probably stayed all day if they had let him.  

Then again, so would mom....

Ah, the joy.  Isabelle for a long time hated swings.  But dada is pushing her here.  He is the funniest man alive.  Just look at the pictures.  That face can't lie.

Sister helping little sister.  The playground gave us a nice rest time from all the excitement.  In the background was a live band playing.

Abigail, always being different, likes to lay underneath the playground structures and examine things unseen by others.  

Sibling love.  Both Nathan and Abigail are amazing with Isabelle.  They are gentle and kind with her and very loving.

Although late this year, every summer has to have a slip-and-slide.  This year was no exception.  

Money well spent....

Isabelle reminded me so much of Nathan in her blue swim diaper.  She looked so much like him.  We have pictures of Nathan in his first kiddy pool with those kind of diapers and they look so much alike.

Slip-and-slide racing.

Told you, dada is the funniest man alive.  Even if he hoses you down with cold water.  She just adores her dad.  May it ever stay that way.

And finally, that is the end of summer!

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