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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Baby!

A few nights ago, Abigail and myself hung all the Christmas lights in the house while the boys were away at wrestling practice.  It was a lot of fun.  Abigail's highlight of the night was when I wrapped her up in two strings of lights, turned off the lights and turned her lights on.  To say she was excited is an understatement.  :-)
But the true fan of the season is our little Isabelly, who is experiencing this all for the "first" time.  She loves touching the lights and saying "ot" which means 'hot'.  It is what we taught her so she wouldn't touch them.  That backfired, uh?
She also loves stealing the white rocks we use for our manger roads and likes to put them in the compartment of her little car.  This has been our only battle and is really strange because she usually obeys so well.
She is a definite fan of Christmas music.  The music is heard quite a bit in our house right now and Isabelle loves to dance to it with Abby and myself in a circle.  Or with all five of us in the kitchen like we did today.  When no one is dancing with her, she just does impromptu jumping or swings her little frame from left to right.  Makes me want to smootch her, she's so adorable.  :-)
But her favorite of the season by far is baby Jesus.  She LOVES babies.  Every baby in the store gets pointed out.  The baby dolls in the house finally get playtime.  Babies everywhere.  So what better holiday than the one that celebrates THE baby?  She'll bring me one of the ornaments that have the holy family on it and excitedly call "Mama!  Mama!"  When I ask her "What, baby?", she excitedly points to baby Jesus and says "Bebe" for Jesus.  She will do this until I confirm that it is indeed a baby.  Then she'll happily walk back to the tree and put the ornament back.  For her, it doesn't get much better than that.  Oh, no, wait!  It does get better!  Most pictures of baby Jesus have animals in them as well!  It's a two for one!  Two favorites in one holiday!  Some pictures even have kitties in them.  And sometimes the kitty looks like our Daisy.  That is when she jumps for joy and says "Daidee!" (Daisy).  

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