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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wrestling with Wrestling

Lately Nathan has had to learn to master his nerves.  For example, when he gets into a new situation, he nervously watches for a long time, attached to dad's leg or my own.  As we have challenged him with more and more new situations, he is slowly but surely getting more comfortable.
He practiced for his first spelling bee for weeks.  I will have you know that he is an excellent speller.  From his spelling list, he could spell all words.  He struggled with only one word ("yours", just for Nathan to remember).  But the day of the spelling bee, he had tummy aches, spelled three out of five words wrong, couldn't remember any words that he had spelled, didn't think any of the words had been from his list (they were from the list), and thought that a new spelling bee would take place the next day.  When we told him that the spelling bee was over and he had made it to third (only first and second move on), he got very emotional.  At that point I realized that it had meant so much to him.  Then why did he spell so many words wrong?  His nerves.  I asked him how he had felt during spelling bee.  He said his tummy had hurt and his legs were queezy.  Case in point.
Today was Nathan's first wrestling tournament.  We figured he would be nervous.  We hoped he might win one match.  We knew he'd do good for his first time because he puts 100% into it.  What we didn't expect?  That he'd turn into a beast.  Really.  He took all those nerves and made them work for him.  He had three matches:  He pinned two guys and won 10-0.  Seriously?  It was awesome to watch him.  Absolutely thrilling.  And quite the adrenaline rush.  Who would have thought that three minutes at the most could be this exciting?  I'm proud of my boy.  I'm proud of the dad that takes the time to teach him a sport he loves.  Even though dad currently has no free time because his work schedule is slammed.

A few side notes as a mom from her first experience at a wrestling tournament:
  • It is hard to cheer for your own son when the face of the other boy is turning to tears.  
  • I've never seen that many boys cry.  All ages.  
  • Can someone please come up with better wrestling clothing?  
  • Wrestlers have a lot of pride.
  • Honestly, why do boys and girls wrestle together?  Yes, I said that loud and I mean it.
  • I love seeing my husband watching his son with pride.
  • I love it even more when my son turns into a beast and the look on his dad's face is indescribable.  :-)
  • Why to boys wrestle so hard they have to vomit?  
  • I'm not a quiet bystander.
  • I don't know what to say to cheer on my son.  (Need to learn wrestling terms.)
  • Babies and little redheads were awesome today, despite my worries that it would be too long and boring for them.
  • You can fit more people into a gym than previously thought.
  • Said amount of people sure make the gym hot.
  • It's nice to have old friends along and reconnect.
  • A loving family is just about the best thing in this world.

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