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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sibling Developments

I love having three kids.  I love seeing how they all their relationships are blossoming.  It is really cute to watch them all together.  Although they have their fair share of sibling fights (and they drive me crazy!), there has been a lot of improvements lately.  

Abigail and Nathan have been enjoying playing board games together.  Their biggest challenge is to find something they both want to play.  Abigail is still in the Candyland, Go Fish, and Chutes and Ladders stage.  Nathan on the other hand has moved on to strategy games.  He is currently obsessed with a game called Stratego.  Poor Abigail has to play it all day, every day.  She is a very good sport about it.  Sometimes she can convince Nathan to play a game or two of Go Fish with her.  If they play two Go Fish, then they have to play two games of Stratego.  This seems fair to her since two and two are equal.  Never mind that one game takes 1 1/2 hours and one 10 minutes.

Abigail has been stalking Daisy.  Yes, stalking.  The poor cat is even getting carried all over the place.  For a change, the little kitty doesn't seem to mind terribly though.  She has actually been coming out of her hiding spot quite a bit and been searching for someone (really anyone) to pet her.  This surprisingly includes the kids as of late.

Isabelle has been honing her fine motor skills.  She is stacking, taking apart and putting together all kinds of things.  Everything is a puzzle to her that must be put together again.

Little Miss Cutie Pie at a game of Stratego with Nathan.

Duplos in, Duplos out.  Duplos stacked, Duplos taken apart.  Thank you Matze for the blocks. :-)

Sisters playing with each other.  This is the beauty set my mom got for Abigail. Here Isabelle is pretending to put nail polish on Abby's toes.

On to mama.  Painting my nails.

And on to the hair.  More beautifying.  Isabelle sat so calmly for Abby who loved doing her sisters hair.

Abigail taking great care with this do.  Isabelle even let her wet her hair with the spray bottle.

My days are filled with Duplos everywhere.  The OCD part of my just cannot stop putting them back in their place and keeping them all together.  I try to ignore them.  I just can't.

Isabelle loves to open the ottoman and snuggle on the blanket inside of it.  Here Nathan is joining her.  He loves to snuggle and cuddle with his baby sister.  After having two sisters though, he is still learning what "gentle" means.  His expression of love is to wrestle you to the ground and the girls aren't too fond of this.

Big man, little man.  Nathan is adoring his dad and loves spending time with him.  The two bond over sports the most.  David is a great teacher and Nathan his little sponge.  It does so much for a mother's heart to see this.

It will be so wonderful to watch the kids as they grow up together.  It is our hope that they will love one another and support and respect each other.  


  1. Vor allem die wo (ich weiss, "die wo" gibt es nicht) die Maedchen sich gegenseitig fein machen. :-)

  2. I really like the masks. I'm not really good at making things for Christmas gifts. You inspire me!

  3. They are super easy. And actually pretty fast. You can totally do those.