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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving this year was pulled together very short-notice.  It wasn't that we didn't know that it was coming and we were hosting, it was just that everything was so busy that I kept putting it off.  Two days before I guess it was high noon to get started.  :-)  Thankfully a few things were already waiting for us, such as dried leaves from walks with Oma.  Abigail had learned how to dry leaves in books.  We had many different shapes and colors and they turned out really nice.  

Here is my big helper girl peeling potatoes for the first time.  She did about two, then the novelty wore off.  It is really nice to have her in the kitchen with me.  I quite like her company.

A new addition to our kitchen which I adore.  My mom bought me this loaf server.  Love the color and am just in love with this thing.  Perfect for fall and fall baking.  It already got lots of use.

Abigail came up with a whole list of things she was thankful for.  We wrote them all on the leaves for table decorations.  This one reads "Thankful for cousins." Others were thankful for Jesus, family, mama, dada, etc.      Nathan was at school for most of these activities.

This is Ann Voskamp's Thanksgiving Tree.  We hung the leaves from dried branches from our garden with colored strings in fall-ish colors.  We wanted to have scripture around to remind everyone why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

Nathan with the smallest book in print.  It is from the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany.  My kids both love this tiny book from my mom.  It is one thing that they can't keep their hands off although I frequently ask them to.

Every year we trace our hands in fall-colored paper.  Then, during dinner, we usually all say what we are thankful for (a tradition from my husband's side of the family) and I record it on the paper hands.  They then go into an album that holds the Thanksgiving hands from previous years.

The ladies preparing the meal minus Oma who is only there in paper.  Auntie Megan and her girls will join us later in the day.

Bacon.  A staple for our Thanksgiving breakfast just like potato skillets, bread, jams, orange juice. Mostly though I took that picture because of my skillet.  I love that thing.

The turkey in the brine.

Nathan just did fantastic crafts last year in Kindergarten.  These are great decorations for the holidays.

We also used Abigail's leaves to write all family member names on them and use them for the table settings later on.  The pumpkins also have bible verses on them that talk in particular about thanksgiving.

More of Nathan's school decorations and also Abigail's pomanders.

3/4 of the brothers talking.  

The kids created multiple mazes this year in the morning.

Hi!  I'm cute.  Really cute.  Especially when I have two pig tails.  My mom smooches me all day long.  Please help me....

Abby highly concentrated, working on even more mazes. Amazing!

Nathan also working on mazes and telling me about them, by now not even phased at all by the camera pointing at his face.

After we cleaned the "turkey brining station", Abigail immediately found new use for it: A hideout.  She scrunched herself into it and put the lid on.  She was so happy no one even thought about looking in the tub.  She is a little monkey, you know?  She is so flexible.

Auntie Megan brought over these great name cards.  Uncle Rusty had sawed pieces of wood and Megan cleverly inserted these name cards.  They looked really neat.

The boys discussing important matter.

Someone is hungry.  Apparently she wanted food.  Cooking makes hungry.  And yes, I adore her in that tiniest of aprons.

My girl knows how to get dressed up for a party!  Abigail dressed herself and cousin Olive up.  I just love how she gets the pretty dresses and her fancy sunglasses together.

Cousin Love.  Olive is just so adorable.  Look at that pretty little face with her piercing blue eyes.

Doesn't that picture just make you want to smooch them both?  Look at the little baby faces and their chubby little cheeks.  

Auntie Megan, Uncle Rusty and baby Rosie.  Megan cannot eat a lot of things right now due to baby not liking dairy and other items in her diet.  Poor Auntie had to do this during the holidays, probably the hardest time of year to be on a restricted diet.

Thanksgiving this year was really great.  It was actually peaceful, even though we had people over.  Thanks to all the ladies of the family for their help that helped it make so peaceful for me.  And thanks to my mom who had sent me off to a good start!  Without you, it would have been very stressful.  Danke, Mama!


  1. Jam jam
    Sehr schöne Deko und die Bilder natürlich
    Hoffe ihr hattet einen schönen Tag
    Kuß Mama

  2. Oma says "Yum, yum. Very nice decorations and pictures of course. Hope you had a nice day. Kisses, mama."
    Danke, danke. Ja, aber wir haben dich vermisst..... :-(