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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Day After

The day after Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year.  It's the day that David and his brothers and Nathan climb in our attic and retrieve 20+ boxes and scatter them around the house.  What is in those boxes?  Christmas decorations!  In our house, there is nothing Christmas-y until the day after Thanksgiving.  That way we can really focus on that holiday.  But the day after, man do Christmas celebrations start with a bang.  :-)  The first box we look for is the one with the Christmas CDs, movies and books.  It's a big box.  Of course once we find it, the music starts almost immediately.  We start to open boxes at random and all rejoice at its contents.  It is so neat to see the kids remember items, get excited about a beloved item and welcome others back.  We tell them stories about the items, who gave them to us, where they came from, what they mean.  We have lots of items that have history for us and special meanings, so unpacking all these things and sharing with our kids is just so much fun.  It is also fun to find things from last year's clearance that you totally forgot about!

Halfway through our mess.  Some boxes are open others are still waiting to be opened.  Most items still need to find a home for the season.  I will put together a table full of items for the kids to pick from.  They take turn picking items and decorate their rooms with it.  Some items specifically belong to them, so they take those as well.  It is fun to see what they pick.  

We found the music!  Let the decorating begin!

All of our linens that need to be washed.  We have lots of beautiful tablecloths from Germany, thanks to my family and friends.  They are quite different from what we have over here and they remind me of my childhood.

Isabelle got distracted playing with her baby doll bed.

The snowman.  I got this from David for our first Christmas and I've always loved him (the snowman that is.  I love David too.  Lots.).  We've made it a tradition that I secretly hide the snowman.  If one of the kids finds him, they excitedly run him to me where they are covered in kisses as a reward.  Then I hide the snowman again until the kids find him again.  It is probably one of their favorite Christmas traditions.  

Isabelly still distracted with the baby doll and her crib.  

The little man is getting very excited about all the Christmas going ons.

Christmas is so much fun, it wears you out.  Isabelle fell asleep on the couch, tucked in the blanket.  She loves getting tucked into a blanket.  I love seeing babies sleep.  It is so sweet.

Nathan and Abigail were trying to see who could come up with the biggest number ever.  The numbers were big.  They encompassed the whole sheet.

Abigail and Isabelle getting into the books box.  We have special books, CDs and DVDs that only come out for Christmas time.  The kids drool over them when we open the boxes.  This book however will discreetly disappear this year.  It is a really neat book with puzzles but I'm tired of having to track all the puzzles pieces and put the puzzles together myself.  Bye, bye book.  :-)

There will be more decorating posts to come but this is something we thoroughly enjoy.  Especially since the kids get so into it.  They just love it.  

Now if only we could have snow on Christmas Eve.  That is one of my favorite memories of Christmas Eves at home.  We had this huge (HUGE!) window wall in the back of our house.  It faced right into the rocky hill that went steep up behind our house.  It looked so beautiful covered in snow.  The evergreens at the top towering and glittering in white.  It also made everything so quiet, especially since our house was encircled by that rocky hill.  Just glistening white everywhere in the dark night.  It was so peaceful and quiet and just holy.  Silent Night.

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