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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sick Days

Most of us were sick through most of January and then the kids keep having sicknesses for two or three days well into February.  January was pretty tough.  The sicknesses weren't just a cold.  It was the kind of sickness were if you had a tiny bit of energy, you'd have just enough energy to lay on the couch and watch TV.  For me personally, it was a lost month.  I got nothing done.  Nothing.  Expect for doing laundry and getting dishes done for the two days in between sicknesses that I was granted.  :-)
Nathan had a pretty tough run.  Seems he's just not getting fully better.  His fever goes down, he gets back to school and then he's sick again.  He's missed out on most of his first wrestling season which is now officially over and he's very sad.  He's missed a ton of school days but has been able to keep his grades up thankfully.  He's still a straight A student.  We are very proud of him.
Abigail has been battling some sort of stomach virus for the last week and a half but she's a trooper.  For some reason, unless she has to vomit, she's a low-fever, chipper sick girl.  She still has energy and loves to help, especially with Isabelly.
Isabelly has been just as cheerful as her sister with her milder versions of viruses but lately has  been quite the grouch.  She is teething.  Both incisors are coming through (it's been a 2 1/2 month ordeal) but now they are finally hurting her.  The usually sweet beyond sweet girl is very grouchy, screams at any sibling and every question is met with a stern "no!" instead of her usual "ja".
And David, the man who gets NEVER sick, got sick.  He had a very rough month.  He had high stress at work and then had to take care of the kids for many days as I was in bed, just trying to make it through the days and hoping that maybe tomorrow would be better.  He was great.  He got the flu, was vomiting all through the night, got a little rest and then had to take care of everyone just one day later as I starting the same flu.  What a man!
Thankfully none of us are having serious sicknesses anymore and hopefully even Nathan will be able to kick this thing.  We've also found out about some pretty powerful natural remedies along the way (Elderberry syrup, Echineachea drops, fennel tea - my best friend in January, thank you mama - and the good old lemon, ginger, honey, hot water mixture that auntie Megan told me about).
Sad thing is, with all that sick time, I didn't get any reading or knitting in!  Really, a wasted month except for the times that I actually had a little energy and got to snuggle with my family.
We are all just really looking forward to warmer days.  And less visits to the doctor, for sure.

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