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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Potty

Isabelle has been saying "peepee, potty" for about two to three weeks now, indicating she wants to go peepee on the potty.  So I finally succumbed and ordered her a pink and white little potty.  Potty training was nowhere on my radar but I guess she is closer to two years old than I like.  Yesterday the potty from Amazon arrived.  We made a big deal unwrapping it and she was thoroughly excited.  This morning, in our morning routine, all the girls went into the bathroom to get dressed.  As Abigail went to use the potty, Isabelle sat down on hers.  Then, noticing that she had her diaper and pants on, she motioned for me to take them off.  Her clothes came off and down sat the babe.  She sat for a while and every time we asked if she went peepee, she enthusiastically said "ya" but really hadn't.  After we got bored waiting for her sitting joyously on her potty, we told her we had to go downstairs for breakfast.  She squeezed her face and as to not dissappoint, she peed in the potty!!!!  So we naturally made a big deal about it, the boys were summoned and we all cheered.  Yeah, baby!  Now please potty train as quickly as your brother... (literally trained in one day! - Thanks, Mr. Ezzo - Potty Wise).

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