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Monday, March 11, 2013

Abby's First Sleepover - By Abigail

Abby wants me to write this blog post for her.  So here we go:

Abby's first sleepover with Olive when she is 5 years old.  Chocolate milk and strawberry milk is my favorite.  I like best about Olive when she plays with me.  My favorite thing about the sleepover is when we get to lay next to each other.

Mama describes more as Abby runs out of things to say:
Olive says "Here, Abby, here".  Olive wants to write "milk".  Abby asks "What else?  Do you want to write 'chocolate milk'?"  Olive answers with a big smile: "Yeah!"  They both giggle as Abby says to my constant backspacing: "You just can't figure it out".  Then they both watch the screen intently.  Abby has me read what I typed to her.  She approves with giggles.  After more typing, Abigail asks: "What does it say?" which Olive cheerfully repeats.  When I ask them for just a second to finish my sentence, they both chant "What does it say?" (Olive of course in her toddler talk).  Olive snuggles up with Abigail and they both keep giggling.  Abigail asks me to sent that to Megan and Olive's house as they keep chanting "What does it say?"   Then my little one exclaims: "I just can't stop giggling."

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