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Friday, March 29, 2013

Conversations with Isabelly

There are two conversations we have every day with Isabelle, one between her and her dad and one between me and her.  They are very special to us and it always makes us smile.

Isabelle will go to the door of David's office and knock, while saying "nok, nok".  David will then ask: "Who's there?"  Isabelle will answer: "Me-ee" with utter excitement.  She'll back away from the door in expectancy of it opening.  Once dad opens the door and peeks out from her level, she excitedly runs to David and hugs and kisses him.  It's very cute.  She even repeats the whole thing by herself throughout the day.  Instead of "who's there", she'll say "whoo dere?"  She'll say it over and over.

Another daily ritual is when we are putting shoes on to go anywhere (for example to drive Nathan to school).  As soon as we tell her to put shoes on, she'll say: "Goh! Goh!".  When I ask her where she wants to go, she'll exclaim excitedly: "Cotco!" for Costco.  I think it's the food samples they give out that she likes so much.  :-)  Then when I tell her that we won't be going to Costco, she'll say in the cutest voice: "why-ee?" with intonation on the last syllable.  I'll explain to her that we don't have anything that we need to buy there.  Then she'll spend the next two minutes mumbling some baby talk with "noh buy-ee" in there a bunch of times.

Just wanted to remember those little first conversations that are part of her daily routine.

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