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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Little Ones Update - Isabelle

Isabelle has become a talking little machine.  She says lots of words that if you weren't her parent, you wouldn't know what she is saying.  For example, all drinks are "adr", short for "water".  A dog is an "og". She can say all of our names perfectly except for Nathan who is "nene" and she cannot say anything close to her own name.  She will also not say Uncle Sandersche's name although she was perfectly capable of saying it before he came.  :-)  While she is usually not a girl of many words, every once in a while she starts jabbering away and if you could just understand her language, this would all mak  e perfect sense.  She loves to pretend to be on the phone and jabber away.  When you ask her who she is talking to, she is usually talking to "daddy" (she's the only one of our kids calling him "daddy" instead of "dada"), "bumma" (grandma), or "omma" (Oma).  Other frequently spoken words include "me-ee" (me), "peas, peas" (please, please), bum (gum), kiddy (kitty).
She has been teething on her incisors since before Thanksgiving and the poor babe does well on most days.  However, some days are just so hard on her.  Yesterday was one such day.  On those days, everything is met with a "NO!" and lots of crying.  Even playing with the amazing Abigail will elicit tears.  It is hard to be little sometimes.  Thankfully, she returns to her cheerful little self quickly.
As far as obedience goes, I can see this previously so very much obedient child trying to figure out where her boundaries are.  This happens especially on previously mentioned teething days.  After I ask something of her, she will look at me, smiling a certain grin, and just say "no" (imagine the sound of an old witch in a comedy saying this).  We are working on that.
She had a short adventure in potty training.  Isabelle was very excited about her own potty.  Then Abigail took it upon herself to "help" her with potty training and her great enthusiasm made Isabelle not like it much anymore.  Oh well.
As far as helping goes, Isabelle, Abigail and Nathan have all become indispensable.  Isabelle helps put laundry in and out, she can bring things to and fro, she puts things in the garbage, and her favorite, she closes all doors and drawers.  Sometimes she closes the doors from the inside.  Then she is usually stuck but she is very patient in waiting to be rescued.  :-)

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