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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bilder fuer Mama

I guess I should comment on some of these pictures. :-)  I posted them because Oma's computer is going down and she cannot download the YouSendIt files that Dada is sending.  

Playing around with my camera lens.  I love how I can these clean pictures of the kids' faces.

Nathan just loves his little Isabelly.  He has a hard time understanding when she is having a hard day and doesn't want to give hugs and kisses.  When this happens, he thinks she doesn't like him anymore and he gets  very upset.  

This is my brother, uncle Sandersche (or Alexander as he was actually named at birth :-) ).  His wonderful wife Kathrin surprised him with a trip to the USA for his birthday.  They just bought a house last year that they gutted and rebuilt and now they are planning on having children.  We all know how money just grows on trees once you have children.  :-)  So she thought this was probably the last time they could afford such a thing.  We are ever so thankful.  Unfortunately Alexander could only come by himself as flights aren't exactly cheap.  We missed Kathrin.  

This was the first time Alexander saw the kids since Nathan was almost 2 years old.  They had a great time together.  Alexander is fabulous with kids and has neverending energy.  He will be a great daddy (they are expecting my first niece/nephew on my side of the family in January!!!).  Her is Abby goofing around with uncle Sandersche.  Nathan loved having another guy around.   

Nathan watching TV inside of my laundry basket with a blanket over him.  Why, you ask?  I have no idea!

Little cutie-pie.  

Doesn't Nathan look so grown up in this picture.  There is a story to this.  Unfortunately Nathan has entered the age of potty humor.  It's a habit he picked up at school.  So anything to do with flatulence, poopy and other private areas elicits instant giggles, even if you just mention the word.  In this particular week, Nathan had been told (and actually fully believed) that chicken nuggets from McDonald's were actually, well, "nuggets" of the male chicken.  My apologies.  It surprised me too when I was having this conversation.  I don't want to have them but I guess we will.  After a lengthy discussion of explaining that this is not so, the issue came up quite a few times in our house in the following days.  One night we played Apples to Apples Junior Edition . In this game, one person will play a card with an adjective and others have to find matching nouns to convince the judge to give them the point for best match.  In this particular instance, the describing word was "scary".  I couldn't help myself and played "chicken nuggets" which I had been saving for just this occasion.  The picture shows the reaction I got.  :-) 

Abigails curls are going away.  I'm sad.....  She's not.  It makes her hair a lot more manageable.  But I do love kisses from my girl!

Playing around with my new lens.

Love this picture of Abigail, especially her baby cheeks she still have.  Makes me want to smootch them!

Curly haired boy.  With Nathan being sick so much this year, whenever we had a haircut appointment with Frankie, we had to cancel.  I finally took him to Great Clips and although I usually hate going there, was pleasantly surprised with a neat and nice haircut.

Love this picture of Grandma.  She's one of the kindest people I know.  Two weeks ago she was diagnosed with rapidly progressing Alzheimer Dementia.  We are preparing for the road ahead.

Easter at our house.  Haven't gotten around to blogging about it yet.  Cousin Olive and Abby are the best of friends.  Just love how much they love each other.  With everyone being sick so much, we haven't been able to get together very much at all.

Yes, I'm thinking about getting into trouble.  I'm definitely starting to test my boundaries.  But I'm still a great helper and love to help!

Yep, I'm just that cute.

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, Rosie, we love you, we love you!

Baseball season is upon us!  We are all having a great time this year.  Mostly because Abby found a lot of little friends.  This just makes it so much fun this year.  I love the father-son interactions between David and Nathan during baseball.  Nathan is so willing to learn and just trusts his dad completely.  And he should, David is a fantastic coach.  He is great with the kids and when we watch him coach, I fall in love all over again.

Here Olive is visiting and the other little girl is Abby's friend Mylie, whose brother is also on our team.

Isabelly is still watching a lot from the outside but boy, does she get excited when she sees Olive or anyone from her family.

My handsome little baseball player.

Abby is experimenting with all sorts of different faces while I take pictures.  No longer do I get the automatic big smile.  There are lots more "lost in thought" pictures now.

The kids just never cooperate to give us a nice picture with dad.  They always goof around.  :-)

Playing at a park after a baseball game.

My name is Joe Cool.  I love climbing trees.  And I'm adorable and smart and just all around lovable.

This is Abby's greatest joy at baseball games: Grace.  It is so cute to watch the two run toward each other, calling for one another and ending in a big hug when they first see each other.

An adaption of a beach game: Lost feet.  They get dug up in the sand or in this case, soil, then one has to question where Abigail's feet went.  This please her tremendously.  

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