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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Bilder III

More pictures I'm posting for Oma since this is the only way she can see them (short of sending pictures via snail mail) as her computer is breaking down.

What happens when you let uncle Sandersche and Dada go out together?  They spent money!!  They found this very expensive wooden princess castle from Doug & Melissa brand.  I have to say though, it's a fantastic castle and one of my favorite toys of the girls.  Money well spent.  It's one of those things that brings joy to your heart every time you see it.  And both the girls play with it all the time.  The castle fold in half too, and it perfect for Abigail's beloved Squinkies and Zinkies.  Or even Lego Friends.  Nathan often puts his knight's castle right next to Abigail's.  But that is usually where the disagreements begin.  Nathan, being all boy wants to declare war which the girlie girls in this family do not like at all.  We tried to persuade him to be the protector of the girls, rather than their oppressor, but so far, that only lasts a little while.  I guess if there is no bad guy to fight, you have to attack!

Nathan putting up his castle that he got from Oma a few years ago.  It is also a fantastic one (Fisher-Price) and he plays with it very often.  Even more so now that the girls have theirs.

Yep!  Guilty as charged! Accessory to big buck spending!

Guilty as charged!  Spending big bucks on toys and bringing the expression below to a little girl's face!

Abby seeing her castle.  :-)

Nathan and daddy time.  David reading to Nathan and Nathan snuggeling up to his Dada.

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