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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Farmer's Market

It's Farmer's Market time!  Ever since starting my new way of eating, this was such a much-anticipated event.  The weather held up as well, which was nice and the kids really enjoyed it.  Unfortunately we never got around to having them all pick veggies and fruits .

I just love Abigail's facial expressions.  Here a balloon artist is making a monkey on a tree for her.

Abby just utterly excited.  She is bursting with life.

There is my Isabelly.  As I am typing this, she is sitting on my lap in front of the computer and just squeeling everyone's names on the pictures.  "an ne-ne, an meeee!, an A-by"  I love it when she sits here with me.  "why-ee mama?"  "Why-ee mama?"  "A-by too!"

Nathan making some Karate moves.

This is an "A-bee boon" (Abby balloon - a monkey on a tree).

"Ne-ne bloon" (Nathan's sword balloon)

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