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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday, Isabelle

My little girl turned 2.  I'm sad.  With the older two I was both sad and happy because they were also growing up and I was understanding them more.  With Isabelly, I'm just sad.  She's the baby.  I want her to stay snuggely and close to me.  :-)  I'm selfish that way.  She is starting to be a lot more independent.  The other day she wanted to go to Fred Meyer just so she could go to Playland.  You have to be two years old to go there and somehow she understood that she could go there now with Abigail.  And she didn't even miss me.  I missed her.  A lot.  It is as though time is like sand you hold in your open hand.  It keeps running through no matter how much you try to keep it there. 

This was the first birthday cake that was store-bought.  With sicknesses and end-of-the-school-year, the cake just didn't materialize.  Thankfully, Isabelle enjoyed it nonetheless.  She was none the wiser and so it was really ok.  Although I still feel a tad bit guilty. 

Store-bought seems just as good to her.  Love her anticipating-cake-face.  :-)  Her and cousin Olive seem like little mice that might be plotting to take over the world (or cake).

Oh, yeah, that is good!  Sugar and red dye!

And just look how big the littlest member of the family is getting!  Little Rosie is getting ready to play with the big kids.

So what is Isabelle like at two?  She's the biggest sweetheart.  She's getting a bit of sass.  She is a great little helper and listens really good (most of the time).  She is a very good talker, starting to talk in sentences.  She loves baths and water.   She adores her older siblings even though they have started to fight over toys (her siblings still need to adjust to her being part of the playgroup now).  Isabelle is quite fond of her little potty and will use it every time we put her on it.  She does not grasp the concept of a table - to her it is a climbing structure and all tablecloths must be skewed (which does not work for obsessive-compulsive mamas).  She calls me "mama" and David "dada", Nathan is "Ne-ne" and Abby is simply "A-by".  Grandma is "Bumma" and Oma is "Uma".  Her favorite food is candy.  And her vitamin gummies.  She dances for happiness to receive two gummies every morning.  It makes her day.  She wakes up with a smile unless you wake her too soon from a nap.  She naps for 2-3 hours most days.  She's loving and kind and just oh-so-sweet.  And she adores babies, loves to pretend to be a dog, and just is fascinated with all animals.  Another favorite is to lay in a blanket with a pillow under her head.  She does not wear hats but loves hoodies.  Shoes are a favorite as long as they are from "owl" (Olive). She also enjoys almost daily talks on the phone with Oma and also likes to talk to Grandma on the phone.  Sometimes I have to bribe her to get the phone back.  She is just all-around adorable and lovable and squishable and just plain joy.  I love you, baby.

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