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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Thanks to a scheduled baseball game Nathan had two birthdays this year!  His real birthday and his party day.  At school, they decorated his table for him with lots of love.  He was worried he'd not get a cupcake due to our recent discovery of his dairy intolerance.  However, we came up with a recipe for frosting and cake without milk.  I myself was not fond of it at all but he loved it.  And it was his cake anyways.

Here is Nathan's classmate Aleena posing as Nathan.  She's a real sweetie.

Nathan's desk decorated by his teacher.  How much fun would it be to come to school to this?  Isabelle's arm is all over it and she's checking it all out.  There was a sucker, a crazy straw with a balloon decoration, a birthday sticker and confetti.  

Nathan had a baseball game scheduled, but due to rain, it was cancelled.  It had rained for 3 days straight and so the field was under water.  

Saturday we had his actual party.  It was a definite lesson in patience for the little man to wait that long to open all his presents.  He kept begging us to open some.  We had already let him open a Star Wars book and grandma gave him some squirt guns.  At last, Saturday was here and we could have our family party.  Above are Olive and Abigail trying out Abby's gardening set she got from daddy.

Thankfully we had nice weather and so the kids took over the trampoline.  Nathan snuggle-attacking Isabelle.  He just does not understand that the girls do not like the cheek-slap sign of affection....

A lovely picture of grandma and Rosie.

Lots of giggles and laughs on the trampoline.  The family get-togethers are just so much fun with all the kids together.  I think I'm getting baby-fever....  Help me!

Abigail and her Olive.

Nathan eagerly awaiting his cake in grandma's football outfit.

The only picture we got of the cake this year.  Nathan saw a football cake at Fred Meyer and so that is what he wanted.  Here is mom's homemade version.

Girl hug!  Auntie Megan, Olive, Abigail.  On this day both Abby and Olive had a hard time.  They kept loving and disagreeing in rather loud voices.  :-)

We played some soccer outside which was a lot of fun, especially for Nathan.

Birthday boy.

Love attack from half the girls for dad/uncle!

Isabelle always loves babies.  With Rosie, she's just shyly kissed her so far.  But today she noticed her and played with her.  And Rosie was so happy for it.  The two developed their own way of communicating and from the looks on their faces, they had a blast.

Little hands tenderly  touching each other.  How sweet is that.

Abigail saying good-bye to her Olive.  She had to climb inside of the car to do it.

Dada!  Dada pantsing Nathan.  Nathan was wearing shorts underneath, so we all got a good laugh.

Uncle Mike spent quite a long time explaining a new board game to the kids that he had brought over a while ago.

Nathan's first online chat!  He is talking to uncle Matze via facebook.  Much to the dismay of my family, none of us are on facebook.  So Matze let us use his account to talk to him.  My brother Frank went online as well but for some reason, we weren't able to get connected.  

Nathan has been obsessed with an avocado/cherry smoothie.  He wants it every day.  Good.  Finally something healthy the boy eats/drinks....  :-)

Ok.  That toothy smile is just the greatest!  Had to include Rosie's picture.

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