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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Before we get to the obvious (see title), here is a fabulous piece I picked up at a garage sale:
No, not the pretty red-head but the baseball reading chair.  We've all been fighting over it.  It is soooo comfy and sturdy and just the best garage sale find!  It is officially Nathan's reading chair but he's been having to share quite a bit...

On to my birthday.  For my birthday (which was fabulous this year, thanks in no small part to my beloved man!), my mom sent me money to spend as I please.  I'd been wanting to buy plants and planters for the garden, so this is where my funds would go.  :-)  Abigail got quickly excited about this prospect as well.  Especially since I promised to let her pick flowers as well.  Here is what we came up with:

A pink Gerbera Daisy.  Not a perennial but we just love them.  Abby even more so because they are named like her beloved cat, Daisy.   And they are hot pink!

The pot is from my mom as well as the plant, Lavender.  This is Spanish.  Just simply because the nursery didn't have English, which is my favorite of the two.  My plan is to plant lots of herbs and flowers that I use for lotions and other things (e.g. tea).  German Chamomile has since found its way into my garden as well as Lemon Verbena and Sage.

We definitely wanted to have a Dahlia as they just keep on giving.  This white one fits our garden perfectly.  The pot is also from Oma's money.

This Snapdragon is a plant Abigail picked.  She loved how tall it is.  I had to make friends with it first but now that it is tied to a tier, it looks really pretty.

Oregano.  Another herb we were missing.

This was a gift from the Apples of Gold ladies for being an Apple Sauce Girl (that is when a former AoG attendee helps at an event).  Love the plant.

My mom also paid for 4 tomato plants.  We will think of her every time we eat them.  Can you imagine that we broke the big tomato plant in half while putting it into its cage???  We left the broken piece on top of the bottom half and within days, it grew back together!  Amazing.

Cucumbers.  Two different kinds.

Lots of Walla Walla onions.

And since the sun was out early this year, we got a pepper plant.  However, the sun has since vanished, so the peppers may be in trouble....

Mutti, vielen, vielen, vielen Dank fuer die zwei Toepfe und die Blumen und die Pflanzen.  Die bringen mir jeden Tag viel Freude.  Und nicht nur mir, sondern auch Abigail.  Schmatzer, die Ina.

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