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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Last of 2012 Favorites

Some more random pictures of special things to remember about last year.  These are random.  

Packages from Oma!  The kids go crazy when the mail lady brings us goodies from Germany.  The packages are always lovingly stuffed with all kinds of candies, toys, clothes and lots of goodies for mama (such as Knorr or Maggi spice packages to make quick and yummy meals). 

Nathan's best friend William.  This year was a harder one for the two as they had to learn many things about friendship.  Nathan had to learn that it was ok for William to also play with other kids and that you can have more than one friend at a time.  The two are really cute with each other and whenever they separate, they give each other a "man hug."  

Cousin Olive.  What can I say.  This little sunshine is very special to us.  She is such a cute little thing and so very polite.  Abby this year really found her relationship with Olive but now needs to learn to share her with Isabelle and Nathan.  Abby has become a very good older girl to watch over the little ones.  She learned this while we had bible study at our house and some older girls (Thanks Abigail and Millie!) modeled this to her. She is really great with the little ones and so much help to me.

Tiny the lizard.  He stayed with us for a short six months before moving on to uncle Chris' for permanent quarters.  Have you ever seen a lizard shed?  It's pretty neat.

The ocean.  We love the ocean.  David needs the ocean.  We haven't been in a while....

The pool that dad bought.  Great idea by David and the kids loved it.  (Duh!)  

The fair.  A yearly treat. 

Mama kisses.  Love them.

Oh those baby laughs that come from deep in the belly!  The best.

Abigail Making herself fit into a tub.

Glamour time!

Little Rosie.  She looks longingly, wanting to play with the bigger kids.  Soon, little one, very soon.

Isabelle in the Ergo carrier.

A day at the zoo.

Nathan's first wrestling season.  I think this may be one of the only pictures????  How did that happen?

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