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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Miscellaneous and the new Lawn Master

I'm just too cute, especially in my thinking pose.

What can I say, even cuter yet....

Nathan's first self-made sandwich.  He took the grapes off after the first bite.

Every once in a while he'll come downstairs dressed in his wrestling singlet.  This was such a day.

Abigail helping to mow the lawn.

Nathan mowing the lawn all by himself.  

This is a big day in David's life.  Don't let the quietness of the photo fool you.  He is dancing inside.  He's been waiting for the day until his son was old enough to mow the lawn by himself.  Today is that day.  Here he is on the previously mentioned coveted baseball glove chair.

Enjoying this moment.  Not brought to you by Mastercard but still priceless.

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