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Friday, May 24, 2013


We've been battling all sorts of things for about 5 months now.  While we are having a lot more healthy days in between, to say that this is getting old, is an understatement.  It all started with Nathan having some warts cut out and he had some pretty good-sized wounds that were giving him trouble walking and writing.  Then he caught the flu and shared, good little boy he is.  :-)  From there on began our journey of sicknesses/injures and we've had things like kidney infection (mom), epididymitis, pulled muscles that prevented Nathan from walking, bacterial stomach infections (mom), a whole varied selection of viruses with and without fevers and with and without vomiting, most of them accompanied with severe diarrhea and some with frequent accidents (Abby).  My poor washing machine was running so much that I feared for its life-expectancy.  Nathan was hit the hardest of us all.  He was the one sick most of the time and just couldn't get healthier.  When I went to see our regular clinic, they told me over and over that they expect kids to get up to 16 different viruses this time of year.  That's all nice and dandy but it's not normal.  Frustrated that my son just wasn't getting healthy, we took him to an alternative health physician.  He asked about Nathan's stomach, if he had any issues.  Well, yes, he's been battling tummy aches, cramps, etc.  It was diagnosed as something different at the regular clinic and although we had been giving him meds, he kept having the same issues.  This had been going on for over 2 years.  This doctor suggested that Nathan is having a hard time digesting milk.  While he is not intolerant to it (so he has not blood in his stool, etc), his body fights it.  That made sense to me why he was getting sicker and sicker!  Every time he got sick, we fed him dairy, especially yogurt to put good bacteria back in his tummy and kefir and organic milk.  That was most of his diet.  He's been off diary for 1 1 /2 weeks now and told me last night that he is feeling better and his tummy isn't hurting as much anymore.  The doctor told us that it might be another 3 months before his lower intestines are restored but because 70% of the immune system comes from there, it explains why he's been picking up every single virus he's been around and why it is so much harder for him to kick the virus once he's got it.
I also went to see a naturepath.  Frustrated with the way I felt and just being dead tired at 1pm just wasn't working for me anymore.  Turns out that I had some food-related issues myself and actually did a cleanse.  I used to be very skeptical about cleanses and and many food-related changes, but let me tell you, I'm feeling amazing!  There are another 1 1/2 months until my system is up and running fully again but it is sooooooooo much better.  My diet now includes a lot of raw foods and one piece of chicken breast/ wild salmon or something healthy like that.  It is amazing what a difference food makes.  Although my wise husband has been telling me this for years.....

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