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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Things Can Go Wrong Quickly / Wie schnell alles schief gehen kann

When you are two years old, things can quickly go from right to wrong.  Case in point:
Wenn man erst zwei Jahre alt ist, koennen die Dinge schnell von gut zu schlecht "schaukeln".  Zum Beweiss:

:-)  Thankfully, things can go back to good just as quickly.  :-)
:-)  Dankbarerweise koennen sie aber genauso schnell wieder gut werden.  :-)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Just Because I'm Cute....

Isabelle in her water table (without water). 

Monday, June 17, 2013

More Dog Pictures.... :-)

You knew there would be a second post with more pictures, right???  :-)

Goodness, I'm tired.  This was an exciting day.

All the attention in the world, just how I like it.

The boy and me.  I think we'll be good friends.

Yes, right there.  That's the spot. 

The girls really nice.  They give me all the love and pet me constantly.

Smother hug for a tired dog.  :-)

Just look at the bed the kids made for me.  Only the best blankets.  

Yep, that's the life!  I'm liking it.

The Dog

Today we added a new family member.  Our first dog.  David and I both grew up with dogs but have never owned one.  To say that it was a happy day, is an understatement.  Nathan just adores our little guy.  Abby and Isabelle are quite smitten too but Nathan's heart is stolen.   His name from his shelter is Blain.  Half of our family loves it, the other half wants to rename him.  We have not yet agreed on a name....  But one thing we do agree on, we love him.  He is such a sweetheart.  His tail is constantly wagging.  And no matter how tired he is, he gets up when we enter the room to greet us with his wagging tail.  He is so eager to please.  He even went potty for me outside in the designated area all day.  And if you know me, you know that makes me VERY happy.  Our vet already cleared him and we got him micro-chipped.  No way are we loosing this sweet thing.  He's 6 months old and so far,  he's just the greatest thing ever.  Nathan cannot wait for the dog to sleep in his room.  The dog has eagerly explored the bottom floor of our house and spent lots of time in the yard.  He layed next to me and Abby while we played Battle Ship and the boys were out.  The girls made him a blanket bed and he kindly laid in it the whole time.  He's so thankful.  And so are we....
Just to let you know, he's a rescue dog.  If it wasn't for the kind lady who saved him, he'd be dead now.  He was caught as a stray down in CA and had a whole three days to be adopted.  When no one picked him up in those days, he was on death row.  This great lady saw him and thankfully had him delivered to our state.  We saw him the second day he was there and fell in love.   He was meant to be.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Mother's Legacy

My mom, although she worked lots of hours (having two beauty salons) was very determined in certain areas.  For example, we had a cooked meal almost every night, even if my mom worked from 4am until 2am (housework and job).  One of the other things she always made happen was special tables.  Most Sunday mornings, we had special tables and all had breakfast as a family.  She would take out the fine china, get out all the food, decorate the table, and even make hot chocolate for us kids.  It was always very special.  I remember sitting on our front porch, having a lovely breakfast when neighbors would pass underneath on their Sunday morning walks.  It was lovely.  And my mom rocked for doing this for us, no matter how tired  she was.
In recent years I've been trying more and more to follow into her footsteps.  Especially now that Abigail is getting older.  We started with just setting nice tables here and there, getting more and more dishes at Goodwill and garage sales.  I was fortunate enough to inherit a beautiful set of dishes and various platters/bowls from my mom.(thanks, mom!).  We got a nice table cloth and slowly but surely got all we needed.  Then I started to decorate my table for guests who came for tea, like my mentor Earline or my dear friend Margie.  Soon realizing that Abigail need to learn the art of hospitality, I started to involve her.  She loved it.  She loved running in our garden to get flower and put them on plates.  She has her own style for sure (such as leaves on plates) but it is really cute.  Tomorrow she'll have her first tea party (well, first official one) with cousins Olive and Rosie and of course, Isabelle.  Auntie Megan and Grandma will join us too.  Abby decided to make Angel Food cake with strawberries and cream.  She picked it out of Emilie Barnes' tea book.  Too bad my mama can't be there to see her legacy....