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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Dog

Today we added a new family member.  Our first dog.  David and I both grew up with dogs but have never owned one.  To say that it was a happy day, is an understatement.  Nathan just adores our little guy.  Abby and Isabelle are quite smitten too but Nathan's heart is stolen.   His name from his shelter is Blain.  Half of our family loves it, the other half wants to rename him.  We have not yet agreed on a name....  But one thing we do agree on, we love him.  He is such a sweetheart.  His tail is constantly wagging.  And no matter how tired he is, he gets up when we enter the room to greet us with his wagging tail.  He is so eager to please.  He even went potty for me outside in the designated area all day.  And if you know me, you know that makes me VERY happy.  Our vet already cleared him and we got him micro-chipped.  No way are we loosing this sweet thing.  He's 6 months old and so far,  he's just the greatest thing ever.  Nathan cannot wait for the dog to sleep in his room.  The dog has eagerly explored the bottom floor of our house and spent lots of time in the yard.  He layed next to me and Abby while we played Battle Ship and the boys were out.  The girls made him a blanket bed and he kindly laid in it the whole time.  He's so thankful.  And so are we....
Just to let you know, he's a rescue dog.  If it wasn't for the kind lady who saved him, he'd be dead now.  He was caught as a stray down in CA and had a whole three days to be adopted.  When no one picked him up in those days, he was on death row.  This great lady saw him and thankfully had him delivered to our state.  We saw him the second day he was there and fell in love.   He was meant to be.


  1. Der sieht ja drollig aus. Scheint sich schon zu Hause zu fühlen HIHI :-)