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Friday, July 5, 2013

Day Camping

My husband always has such great ideas for doing things with the kids.  This was one of those.  Day camping.  We wanted to hike to a nearby campground but with his back still hurting, he couldn't haul in all that was needed.  So we just decided on a day camping trip, without the tent.  The kids had a blast.  And so did we.   And of course the dog, Copper.

On the way to the camp, we found this great waterfall.  The kids bravely hiked up to it, Nathan guiding his sister carefully.  It was cute to watch.  She being being scared at times and he coming right to her side and making sure she was ok.

David taking Copper around to explore.

Copper enjoying the river.

The kids inside a giant hollow tree stump.  Side note: Isabelle LOVES this backpack.  After this day, she is still carrying it all the time.  She also picked out this necklace for the trip.  :-)

Mama and the baby.  Baby has her mouth stuffed with coconut.

Dad took Abby and Nathan out into the river and they fished there. Look how Nathan is listening to his dad.   He just admires him so much.

Abigail playing in the water.

More water fun.  Abigail's feet were red from being in the cold water for so long.

Doesn't Isabelle just look so big in this picture?  She loved playing by the riverbank.  The river is beautifully clear.

Nathan spent a long time showing Abby how to skip rocks.  Maybe that is what Isabelle is imitating?

Nathan and his catch of the day.  He hooked it all by himself.  Dad help get it in.  Then he taught Nathan how to clean it and we grilled it over the campfire.  Oh yes, and I started my first campfire with flint!  Yeah me!  The kids loved the taste of the trout.  That is pretty amazing considering how picky Nathan is.

Here is the excited boy showing me his catch.

Abby wanted me to take pictures of the splash rocks made after she threw them into the river.

The guys fishing some more toward evening.

This was a really great trip.  The kids enjoyed the hike we took and just about everything else about this trip.  It was great.  

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