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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Dog Bite

On Wednesday's this summer I have a day where Grampy takes the kids and the dog so I can drive grandma to places she needs to go.  Two weeks ago, during such an outing, Grandma and I were having lunch at the food court at our local mall after visiting various places.  The phone rang and Grampy uttered the dreaded words that Nathan got bit by a dog.  After further conversation, it became clear that it was a good bite but Nathan was ok now.  The next thought was that how did this happen?  It quickly became clear that it hadn't been our dog!  Thank heavens as this was my first assumption.  Apparently Nathan had been riding his little Jeep in Grampy's yard.  Suddenly he felt a something biting his leg.  He looked down and saw the neighbor's dog (a smaller mixed breed dog who had been treated poorly by the neighbor's children) biting at him.  He quickly got out of the car and ran over grampy's pitcher's mount and then, being chased by the dog,  he ran inside.  Nathan said once he passed our dog (who was chained), the other dog ran to the street and then home.  It seems their dog had jumped the fence and then attacked Nathan.  The physical damage wasn't that bad thankfully, but emotionally, our son was a wreck.  Every time he talked about it, he became very emotional.  He just could not understand why the dog had attacked him without him doing anything wrong.  It just did not make sense to him and for the first time, he was starting to understand that dogs are animals after all.  It's been a week and a half and he is still fearful of dogs.  He tries bravely and it will most likely just take time.  He still loves his Copper but is really worried when Copper does puppy play and nips at Nathan. Time will heal.

The bite marks a few days after being treated with Neosporin.  The bruising is not seen well.  This is the backside of Nathan's leg, the bites being on his upper leg (he is holding it in the air).

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