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Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Camping Trip 2013

The first camping trip of the year for us was to beautiful Paradise Creek, southwest of Mt. Adams.  The camping ground is just gorgeous.  Huge evergreen trees all around us.  There were strange bugs in the afternoon but they would vanish when it got dark.  Grandma also came along for this trip.  And of course, Copper!

Copper settling into his new home.  He gets protective toward strangers in these campgrounds.

Our little space which was perfect for us.  The log in the background kept Isabelle close to us but let the older kids climb.  Right behind us was a little space with a hill to the left that the kids could roam.  They went into that space for adventure.  They made up places like "Elk Valley" and the likes.  Some were not to be entered.  Scary.  That is also our new tent.  After about 10 years of camping, our good old tent got a big tear right at the seam and could not be mended.  This tent is nice though, it pops right up.

A fire!  We love campfires.  They are the beginning to teas and marshmallows.  

Bringing all the "gear" in.

Grandma gifted David and I a hammock.  It was a big hit, especially with little Isabellies and daddy.

Grandma also brought coloring books which Abigail was very excited about.  

Isabelle was taking a nap in the tent.  Nathan just adores her so much, that when he saw her, he couldn't help himself and woke her up.  Oh, sweetness, bless my heart.

Like I said, Isabelle loved the hammock.

Abigail eating her smore.  Yum, yum.

Isabelle also loved having tea and scooping it out of the cup with her spoon.

Grandma enjoying her cup of coffee.  After quitting smoking, her coffee is a must.

Firestarters.  Nathan loves when dad lets him help start a fire.

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