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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fourth of July, 2013

This Fourth of July we spent with friends in a nearby town.  Their kids are a little younger than our two oldest ones but they had such a great time with their oldest girl, Rylee.  The kids were quite excited for their first parade of the year.  And for this one, the kids all dressed up in red, white and blue.

Isabelle and Rylee greeting one another.

Parades are so much fun.  Partially because Isabelle will continually sit with either me or dad.  :-)

Our friends, Kevin, Jaimie, Rylee and baby Ryker.

Grandma came along for this trip.   She too loves parades.  And in true form, she brought tons of candy for the kids to eat (since there isn't any candy at parades).  :-)

The kids eagerly waiting for the parade to start.

For Matze.  :-)

Isabelle telling daddy something important.

A squirrel!  Pay attention to how gently big boy Nathan is hugging the squirrel.  :-)  Sorry, bud.

Sidewalk view.

Lots of snuggels as the fire engines drive by and their sirens are loud.  It kind of scared Isabelle but mostly, she wanted to snuggle.  Fine by me!

After the parade, and after David got peed on by our friends' dog, we went home to do fireworks with the kids.  Our neighborhood puts an impressive display.  And our front yard makes a great viewing area.

The master at work.  He did a great show this year.

This year we made friends with the neighbors across the street.  They have a little girl, Kira, who is the granddaughter (and great-granddaughter).  Kira is 6 years old and Abby and her got along right away.  Abby just took Kira over to our house and so her parents spent the rest of the evening over at our place.  

I love taking these pictures with colored smoke bombs.

The master, boy in training and admiring fan.

It was a lovely day and we are glad we got to spend it with each other and grandma.

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