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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer of Friends

Last summer Nathan only wanted to play with Lego blocks in his room, building whatever came to mind.  This summer was quite different.  He wanted to constantly play with friends.  For the first part of summer we had baseball that fullfilled this need.  After baseball season though, we had to get busy scheduling.

One of Nathan's closest friends, William.  The two have known each other for a few years now and met during bible study on Tuesday mornings.  Nathan was not very socially outgoing at the time.  We were worried how he would do at school until I met William's mom at the school's orientation night and we realized our boys were in the same class.   During the last two years we've become very good friends with William's lovely family.  Their older daughters Hannah and Abigail have been such a blessing to Abigail especially and of course to Isabelle too.  Their mom and I really get along well and have enjoyed bible studies/tea parties together.  It has been so much fun.  We sure are happy Nathan and William get along so well.

Nathan met Caleb this year at school.  Caleb will continue with school at home but hopefully we will still see him sometimes.

Cole and Nathan have spent two baseball seasons together and get along real well.  As with William, we get along really well with all of Cole's family.  They are a close family, including grandparents who frequently come to cheer Cole on during his games.  Sunny, Cole's mom, has been a great resource to me, especially as we got Copper and had some questions about dogs.  Cole has two older brothers (17 and 12) whose company Nathan enjoys.  They also own the log house David dreams of.  :-) 

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