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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Where it's at - Isabelly (2)

Oh she is just so much fun!  This girl is at such a great age.  And she is a funny little one.  She makes me laugh every day.  She is the perfect last child.  She is easy-going, a good sleeper, a cuddler extraordinaire, a fantastic helper.  Some of these might be influenced by the fact that we had a little practice along the way.   Or just God's treat for us.

If you were living with Isabelle, here are some of the things you would hear daily:

  •  "One minute!" (as in one more minute please)
  • "Mama, I neeeed you."
  • "I need..(insert blank)....RIGHT NOW!"
  • "Whyee?"  (150+ times a day...coupled with Nathan's 7-year old "what-if" scenarios, this makes for some brain-twisting days.)

If you had the pleasure of living alongside Isabelle, here are some of things you would notice:

  • She loves blankets and makes makeshift ones out of pillows, handkerchiefs, any article of clothing and towels of any kind.  
  • Loves her "doggy" Copper.  She leads him by the collar and he patiently obliges and goes wherever she wants him to go.  How you ask?  Oh, she's figured out how to open his food container and secretly feeds him all throughout the day.  Emphasis on secretly and sneakily.  Took me a little while to figure this one out.  She also loves her kitty Daisy.  Daisy is NOT fond of the choke hug.
  • If you are immediate family (other than Rusty and Megan) or if you are Hannah or Abigail (daughters of Tanya) , you hear her talking non-stop.  Otherwise you would think she cannot talk.  She most likely will also act very shy around you.
  • After some time of not talking on the phone, she came to me the other day and handed me the phone.  "I want my Oma," she exclaimed.  We happily assisted her in dialing my mom's number.  Oma was quite excited to get a call from our littlest one after she hadn't really heard from her for a while.  And then Isabelle made up for lost time.... Tonight she wanted to call grandma for the first time....45 minutes later she was finally done talking!  Thank goodness for unlimited local phone calls.
  • She knows how to put shoes on feet (without tying) and how to put pants on.  She is very proud of this and will no longer allow me to put her pants on.  When she was little, she didn't like to wear hats much.  Now she definitely does.  Even in the midst of summer she wears a stylish winter hat.
  • She is quite fond of washing her hands and sitting on her potty (without results).
  • Plays with all kinds of doll houses (Grampy's Calico Critters Luxury Townhome, Little People Busy Day, Le Toy Van fairy house) for hours on end.  She is starting to enjoy Playmobil figurines, especially our Christmas people set and the baby Jesus is of course her favorite.  Baby dolls are her favorite.  She has adopted all of Abby's babies and added a few of her own.
  • Plays very well with sister and brother.  She adores them and is so very happy when they take the time to take her along.  She is also very good just playing by herself.
  • Hates brushing her teeth.
  • Thanks me for food and changing her diapers!  ("Tank you momee")
  • Requests Barney for TV shows but leaves after 2 minutes of it.
  • Likes to play the piano and seldom sings.  She actually sounds really good on the piano.  It never sounds like a baby hitting random keys.  Often times I think Abby is practicing and will find Isabelle playing.
  • Likes to mimics Nathan's Wii moves. She also gets down on the floor most times when does push-ups.  She does perfect push-ups, no lie.  It is quite funny to see a baby do perfect push-ups.  
  • Her friends her own age are Kezia (Beth) and Andrew (Melissa).  Obviously cousins Rosie and Olive (Megan) are her age.
  • Favorite foods are smoothies, grapes, raspberries, apples, and candy.  She also likes Nature Valley granola bars and chicken.  She is a very good eater!
  • Isabelle always goes to sleep with board books.  Some of her favorites are P.D. Eastman's "Go, Dog, Go", Curious George (particularly the bunny one - bunny runs away), "Thank You Bear", "Peas and Thank You" (Veggie Tales), "Bear Wants More", "Bear Feels Sick"
  • Isabelle does NOT perform for anyone.  You ask her to do something, she won't.  And reverse psychology does not work.  She's too smart for that.  :-)

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