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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Where It's At - Nathan (7)

Nathan is a real companion (for lack of a better word) at this age.  This is another one of my favorite ages.  We can have great conversations.  We can do things together that are fun for me also (not that little kids' games aren't fun, but you know what I mean?).  We can compete with each other.  We can enjoy each other's company.  And he is a formidable helper.  He can do some serious housework now (yay!).  It is great to have a Nathan in your life!

If you were living with Nathan, these would be some of the things you'd hear:

  • "AWESOME!"
  • "Copper, come!"
  • "Abby, I'm attacking you."
  • "Baby Bella" (for Isabelle whom he adores)
  • "Can we look online?"
  • "Can I have candy?
  • "Can I watch TV?"
  • "Can I play the Wii?" (The last four are always asked in order, every day, at least five times.) 

If you were living with Nathan, these are some of the things you'd notice:

  • How competitive a seven-year old boy is
  • How very physical this boy is.  He is all muscle, no joke. Even a doctor at a check-up feeling his stomach commented on it.
  • He loves baseball.  He is starting to breathe it.  Sound familiar?  (Only if you know my husband...)
  • He is separating from Mom while at the same time he is really to attaching to dad.  He will start a sentence speaking to me, turn around mid-sentence and excitedly go to dad and tell him instead. :-(
  • Loves playing with his friends and seems to need this now.  Last summer he was very content playing with Legos.  This year he wants to play with his friends.  Friends are William and Caleb from school, Cole from baseball (he also likes Gavin and Natedog), Carter and Evan, Tate and Zane.
  • His favorite foods are blueberry bagels, ham sandwiches or just toast and butter, chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce, cherry avocado smoothie, mom's oven-roasted hamburgers.
  • Favorite music includes last year's VBC CD and "nun-nun-nun-nun-nun" in a heavy metal kind of tune (we are not sure where he got it from.
  • His dancing consists of push-ups, headstands, etc
  • Nathan prefers TV to reading.  He got frustrated reading because Abigail reads so much better and at this age, everything is a competition.  He still loves to be read to, especially bible stories, moral  stories or hero stories.  He does enjoy chapter books but is too impatient sometimes.  We read many books of the Magic Tree House series and all of the currently published The Imagination Station chapter books.
  • He loves when people tell him about history, especially battles.  He is very interested in war.  It was hard for him to understanding that Germans were the bad guys when we read about Corrie ten Boom in The Imagination Station book.
  • Nathan is excellent at math.  He has his daddy's brain.
  • Enjoys more challenging games now, especially strategic ones  (like Connect Four).  He also makes up his own games (papers and papers and papers stapled together and scribbled on as well as drawn on).
  • Loves anything outdoorsy - fishing, camping.  Was very sad the last time we stopped camping.
  • He gets queezy when he sees blood or when someone is getting shots.
  • He is very messy at this age.  It is strange because he used to be so good!
  • He looks up to older kids now.  His focus is starting to direct itself toward peers.

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