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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dabby Days

Following Nathan's day with his dad, Abby had her turn.  David had thoughtfully planned out this day to make it extra special for his little girl.  First off, a hike.  And not just any hike.  It was a hike to surprise all three uncles and her cousin Olive, all of whom Abigail loves and adores.

Hiking along the path to find where our extended family was camping.

They are near!  Abigail hiding behind a tree as the three uncles and Olive approach.

Surprise!  There is an even better picture of Olive when she first saw Abby and really had a surprised look on her face (excited and surprised).   But it was very blurry.  Abigail and "dada" hung out for a while and Abby had a great time.

A cool rock Abby and dada discovered.  We like cool rocks.

All this excitement makes one tired.  Abby fell asleep on the drive back.

Next stop: Chuckie Cheese!  What kid doesn't like this place?  I know of at least two adults (possibly me and David) who love to play here as well.

Chuckie Cheese even made a special appearance.

Abigail and her wonderful father.  He is such a great dad.  He makes my heart melt.

And to finish off the day: Dinner at Sharis, probably all of our kids' favorite restaurant:

And no trip to Sharis is complete without dessert!  Abby had build-yourself type S'mores dessert.  Don't let the picture fool you, the strawberry sundae is Dave's.   

A happy girl.  Dates with dad are just the best, especially if you are stuck in the middle.  :-)

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