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Sunday, September 29, 2013

First Day of School 2013 - Nathan - Second Grade

Nathan and Abigail had separate first days of school this year.  Nathan was the first to go.  And it was nice to be able to focus on each child separately.  Nathan misbehaved badly two days before school started.  I couldn't figure out what it was until the next day when he had an open house at his school.  He became even more agitated.  So then we talked about it and it seemed to help.  He was still very nervous but upon entering his new classroom and two of his close friends being there, he seemed to feel better.  Then his new teacher took some time to talk to him and help him to put his school supplies away and that helped tremendously.  He felt much better on his way home.  And as you can see below, on his first day of school, he had a smile on his face.  I should know by now that my son usually does not like change...

Happy boy returning to school.
Isabelle caught on to the excitement.

On this special day, Dad takes time out of his schedule to come along, both for beginning of school and end.

Abby wishing it was her first day of school as well.

Entering his classroom, he really became excited.

Here he is with his friends Drew and Caitlyn in front of their behavior chart.  Nathan has been on purple most days and is very proud of that.  The first day he came home where he hadn't reached purple, he was quite upset.

The cute little welcome cards and pencils his teacher left at every table.

Nathan sitting at his table with Heidi.  They are decorating their book boxes.

Dada and the girls scouting the classroom.

Nathan getting right to work and coloring his book box.  Next to him on the table is the ultra-cool Star Wars "Maeppchen" that Oma gave him.

While Nathan was busy at school, the girls adjusted to him not being at home.  They ended up playing on the stairs for a while and in general, got along really well.

Abigail did definitely miss Nathan though.  He had become her play buddy during the summer and the two had played many board games together.

Mama had her last bible study of the summer with my good friend Tanya.  We will resume in the winter break and our church's Precepts study will take a break.  It sure was different for both of us without most of the kids around.  Abigail missed Tanya's Abigail and Hannah quite a bit.  So did Isabelle.  She kept asking for "my friend" but I haven't figured out yet if that is Tanya, Abigail, Hannah or both?

After a long day without Nathan, we picked up and excited boy who still will only tell you that his day was "good."  I call him the man of many words.  He isn't.  I get one or two words in answer to a question.  I know, you want to tell me to ask open-ended questions.  I do.  Still only one or two words....  Oh well.  At least he had a good day and a good start.

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