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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Getting Side-tracked

David always likes to take the scenic routes when we go to places.  I love that about him.  Because of that, we often get to see beautiful sights and find new places to go for another time.  This trip was no exception and was just breath-taking.  The Pacific Northwest is just my favorite place to live of all the places I've seen. 

 When I sent these pictures to my mom, she kept commenting on how beautiful it is up here.  It reminded me of when David and I discovered a new sign put up by the county on the way to our house.  It read "Scenic Route".  We chuckled at it but then realized how very fortunate we really were to live in this gorgeous place.  It makes up for the vast amount of rain we put up with to make it so lush and green here.

Lush evergreens are just one of my favorites.  Whether they frame a towering mountain or are covered in white snow (which reminds me of winter at my childhood home).

Rushing waterfalls carving their way through the landscape.

Just look at the color of that water.  So clear and pure.

The next Karate Kid.

This is Takhlakh Lake in Gifford Pinchot National Forest, close to Randall, WA.  David and Nathan seized an opportunity to fish here.  This seems like a great place to camp.  The campground is beautiful and clean.  The lake and the mountain overwhelming with beauty.  We could even see large fish swim in the lake from the shore.

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