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Monday, September 23, 2013

Mabby Days

I like to save my Mabby and Mathan days until the last days of summer break.  It is a good way to send off the summer and to spend extra time before you are separated from each other.  Abigail knew exactly what she wanted to do.  And she was SUPER excited.  

First things first, we stopped at a few garage sales since it was a Friday.  Nathan and Isabelle spent the day at Grampy's house, so Abigail and I could go on our date together.  Abigail was looking to aquire a new toy as I had promised her a few dollars.  You will see her find in a later picture.  She, like me, enjoys garage sales.  Sometimes just to look at new and different things.

We got this fabulous and colorful lollipop for Abigail, who loves both, colors and lollipops.  :-)  Look at those beautiful big brown eyes of hers.  Just love her.

Next on the list was Starbucks.  Just like her mom, Abigail has a real appreciation for Starbucks.  I love it so much because it reminds me of typical coffee shops in Europe (where I grew up).  I guess to me it's a little bit of my family over there.  Abigail enjoys Starbucks' milk, bagels with cream cheese, cake pops and other delicious things.  She wanted a drink but wasn't hungry as I had already gotten her the beloved McDonald's fries.  She adores those (yep, it was a junk food day...).  She wanted me to assure her we'd come back later for a bagel with cream cheese.

Now this is what she had waited for!  A local frozen yogurt shop with a candy topping bar.  She had talked about it for days.  She carefully picked her ice cream flavors and toppings.  The little mints you see in the picture were the only thing she didn't end up liking. 

And here is the garage sale find!  She found a little Polly Pocket house that is perfect for her Zinkies  (tiny little animals).  Three weeks later, she still loves it.

Another item on our list: Get her ballet slippers!  I think I was more excited than Abby.  Her little feet look so adorable in those shoes.

Abigail and I both love books.  Naturally, we went to a used book.  I still had some leftover money from a gift certificate Grampy gifted for Christmas.  To have someone to rummage around in a bookstore with and find treasures and appreciate them together was wonderful.

It was a very hot day, so we stopped at McDonald's for a berry smoothie.  Abigail had so much fun spending my gift certificate at the store, she asked if I had any other.  Well, yes, ma'am.  I'm glad you asked.

We had just a few dollars left for a local home decorating store.  Just enough to buy the adorable little yellow vase and two tiny porcelain birds.

With both of us being bookworms, Abigail suggested the library.  She wanted to see if they had any of her beloved Berenstain Bear books.  She loves getting the books but when we get to the library, she makes a beeline to the computer games.  :-)  She had a particularly good time playing this game where she watered flowers and watched them grow.  The flowers would make sad faces when it was time to water them.

And yes, she found a Berenstain Bear book, one of her favorites even.  This is her walking through the parking lot.  When she is reading, she literally is in her own world.  I had to tell her to close the book in order for her to safely cross the road.  

Bagel time!  We both share a love of this tasty treat but alas, I have given up bagels.  Well, at least for the meantime.  Abigail prefers her with plain cream cheese.

She also had herself an ice water and had me read the Double Dare book to her.  Not that she needs me to, she is perfectly capable of reading it herself, a fact we are very proud of.

With only about 20 minutes left in our date, Abigail did not want to go home.  She wanted to use every last minute of her special time.  So a local  playground was just the right place for us to finish our date.

This a staged picture.  :-)  But Abigail had such a good time posing for it.  It was even her own idea.

At the very end, we played a spelling game.  You wouldn't believe with how many words one can come up with when you have 3 beginning consonants, 3 middle vowels and 3 ending consonants.

We just had such a wonderful time together.  It is amazing as my daughter is getting older and we share common interests and likes.  Being able to share our common love of books was very satisfying.  Going to Starbucks together and enjoying each others' company was grand.  I love being around this little bundle who is so full of life and loud and loving.  She is the color in my day and the sunshine in my world.  I love my Abigail!

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