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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mathan Day

After my day with Abby, both Nathan and I were very excited to also have a day together.  If you have multiple kids, time spent one-on-one is precious few.   Sure, there is a half an hour here and there.  But a whole day?  Now that is special.  This was our second (third?) year of doing this and the kids needed no reminding of what special kind of day this was.  This year they were super excited about it and they talked about it for days before.  Nathan had mentioned multiple times that he wanted to go to Sharis to eat and to Chuckie Cheese just like Abby did with dad.  We had told him that was a bit expensive and so he settled on Sharis.  So that is how we started our day together off.

Nathan always orders the same food.  Not that we go here often but whenever we have in the past three years, he is faithful.  It is a child's pancake, made to look like a bear, with a side of bacon and a sausage.  My meat and white flour guy.  Gout, here we come!

Just love his smiling face in the background peeking excitedly in.

Nathan insisted I take a picture of my food as well.  I had tea.  So here is the picture of that.  Have I mentioned how much I love tea?  My children figured this out quickly and started gifting me various tea mugs.  I love tea mugs as well, especially when they are from my children....

This one he must have dreamed of for weeks.  Go to the big Lego store.  We were here for at least 1 1/2 hours.  He loved every minute of it.  Although he hasn't played much with his Legos upstairs lately.  Maybe it is time for another Lego challenge!

Here is a bin of figurine parts.  You can put your own together.  There were also some snake parts that we made bracelets out of (Nathan is holding one).

Not to be outdone by Abby, he wanted to find something at a garage sale as well.  We landed this fantastic paper air plane deal!  He got it for $1 and we know how much it was on Amazon as we had previously seen it there.  Nathan went through a phase where he would make paper airplanes all day long for weeks.  Hewlett Packard paper stock probably went way up.  What he had really wanted was one of those cool sets he is holding in his hand.  At the time, he didn't have the money to purchase such a lovely set.

A quick stop at Grampy's house to tell him all about the Lego store and the paper airplane set.

And off to Fred Meyer's toy section to look at, yes, you guessed it - MORE Legos.  We didn't stay here for 1 1/2 hours.  After this I pretended that dada was asking us to come home immediately as he needed help with the girls.  Nathan was sad our day had ended but was a good sport.  Then, halfway home, I told him that we were on our way to Chuckie Cheese.  He was SOOO excited.  It was awesome.  And his dad's idea.  :-)  Thanks wonderful husband.

For some reason I didn't take pictures at Chuckie Cheese.  Probably because we were too busy playing.  And Nathan was given a bunch of tickets from a couple who was there with their 1-year old.  That made his day.  He even spent some of his hard-earned tickets on his sisters to bring them each a piece of candy and a little plastic animal.

I just love spending time with my boy.  He is so much fun to be around and still young enough to want to be with us and yet old enough to have more advanced conversations and competitions.  I love you, Nathan.

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