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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Most Beautiful Sight

Yesterday, it was Abigail's first day of ballet.  She was so very excited.  For weeks she had been waiting. We bought her a new leotard last minute and mom had a crisis over how to do her hair (I have no clue when it comes to hair).  She was oblivious to it all and just so excited, continually asking: "Are we going to my ballet class now?"
When they arrived at school, their teacher, a very kind and graceful young lady known as Miss Laura, took them into their dance studio.  The door was closed after the kids paid too much attention to their parents.  All that remained was a small window for us mothers to huddle up in front and peek through.  A dainty white curtain covered the window, as was fitting for a window of a ballet studio.  I gently lifted the corner of the curtain, just enough to see my beautiful little girl, hair all tied back and looking like the smallest of ballerinas, with her cute little shoes and her leotard with a little dainty skirt.  There she sat, her pretty eyes peeled on her teacher, just trying to catch every word that left her teacher's lips, as if she was telling important secrets.  It was simply a beautiful moment and I hope that I will forever remember it.  When she came out, she exclaimed very simply: "That was so much fun!"

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