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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Ball

Fall ball season is almost over, but for the very last few weeks, we've been having this gorgeous fall weather.  I love fall when it is sunny.  The colors are just breathtaking.  The blue skies with the burning red leaves standing aflame in stark contrast.  When it is weather like this, fall ball is fantastic.  Nathan is really enjoying his season.  He is in a hitting slump but hopefully he can finish strong.  The last game seemed to indicate that he is finally out of that stretch.  He is making lots of new friends and gets to play with some old friends (for example Connor who has played on all of Nathan's teams so far).  Nathan is doing awesome fielding and he has emerged a leader on the team.  Baseball fever has also hit this little W-guy for the first time, much to the delight of his dad.  Dad and me are very proud of him.

Abigail does not always want to go to the games.  Especially since there aren't any girls her age.  There is one girl, aged 3, whom Abigail and Isabelle like to play with.  But it is hard for our little red-head who doesn't like being outdoors without purpose.
Above: Glitter shoes, the only thinkable gear for a muddy baseball field.  :-)

Isabelle seems to be having a lot of fun at the baseball games.  She is definitely bonding with Abigail.  They are having a great time together and Abigail is doing such a great job of taking Isabelle around and playing with her.  She is developing some great mothering skills.

Hi, you!
Talking about the red leaves in contrast to the blue sky, maybe I like them so much because they remind me of Abigail's hair?  

Nathan running to catch a fly ball.

That was an easy catch.  :-)  

Nathan played first base a lot this year.  Other than first base, he played third base and pitcher (without actually pitching).

Nathan has always had number 11 so far.

That runner is safe.  Bummer.
David took this awesome pictures of Abigail, Aubry and Isabelle.

Hopefully the remainder of this year's fall ball season will be blessed with more weather like this and fantastic hitting by Nathan, coupled with great fielding.  Oh yes, and yesterday Nathan played for another coach and got his first game ball.  He was super proud.  Fall ball is great.

Update:  Nathan's season ended fantastic.  More great weather.  And while Nathan has become a great fielder, he did struggle with hitting for a long time.  However, his last 3 games he got out of that slump and got a hit every time he got up.  Some of those got him on base due to the fielding errors that just simply happen at this age but it build up his confidence enough to where he is now starting to hit out there where he should be hitting .(He had been hitting good in practices with Dave, indicating that his lack of hitting was most likely due to nerves.)  We also started this funny thing that I would sometimes tell him: "You will have a hit next."  And for some reason, he would get a hit.  Then he started to believe that I really knew when he would hit and actually hit every single time I told him he would.  Funny little man.

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