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Sunday, October 6, 2013

First Day of School 2013 - Abigail - Kindergarten

Abigail's first day of school was the day after Nathan.  Unlike her older brother, who was very unsure of himself his first few days of Kindergarten, Abigail had been thrilled for days.  Well, months really.  She got up with a big smile on her face which stayed there all day.  She was loud and extra animated (sure signs of excitement).  She hopped downstairs and followed all morning routine instructions eagerly.

Abigail in her school uniform, wearing that first day smile.

She also wanted a sideways picture so that people could see her super cool "Schulranzen" (backpack) that Oma had sent her.

And then of course one shot from the back so that everyone could really see her Ranzen.

An excited and eager Abigail, counting down the minutes until our van would finally load with children and drive toward its destination.  Oh, the wait.

Entering the school.  Abigail swiftly follows Nathan, who is a pro at this routine.   Since we were early, the kids assemble in the lunch room until the morning bell rings, signaling that their classrooms are open.

Nathan quickly found his group of friends.  Don't you love how they line up to walk (yep, not run), to their classroom?  The school does a fabulous job on teaching the kids not only what they need to learn in the classroom, but also outside the classroom.

Since it was the first day, Abigail didn't really know anyone from her class yet.  But she did run into a friend of hers!  Hannah!  Abby was very thrilled to see Hannah.

In the classroom, finding her place to hang her jacket and her backpack.

With her name tag and even more enthusiastic than before.

Her little table set-up that her teacher made.  All the students have little baskets with their names (those make great bookmarks after the school year), their own crayons, scissors.  Then they have a community basket with different kinds of glue, pencils and other items.

Abigail and her fabulous teacher. 

The daily Job Chart.  For her first day, Abigail was Teacher Helper!

First craft of the day.  How fun!  They made themselves little crowns. At this point it was time for the parents to leave.  While some little ones had a hard time leaving their parents, our daughter was eager to start her day all by herself.  It is so funny how different your kids can be.

Abby's first pick-up.  Both dada and mama came for this special occasion and she was very excited   The funny thing that happened was that when she talked and talked about all that happened in her day, Nathan who usually just says one or two words about his day, started to talk more about his day as well.  I found out quite a few new things that day!  That was delightful to me.
For some reason Nathan always waits to eat his lunch until we pick him up.  He is super hungry then too.  Maybe a good time to feed him broccoli?

Isabelle had not missed her siblings so much.  She had just had a great day baking with mom and doing all kinds of housework together.  When asked if she was ready to go and pick up her siblings, she quickly said: "No."

Abigail was sick the second week of school and not happy about it.  :-)  She is now happy to be back in school and loving every minute of it.

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  1. Erster Schultag, wie schön
    Abi sieht sehr hübsch aus
    Kuß OMA