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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Random Dog Pictures

The dog has truly become part of our family.  I don't know why I like calling him "the dog" but I do, so bear with me.  He has his own routine now and except for him thinking that our dining room table is a toy that can be chewed up, he is awesome.  

In the morning, after he gets done with his little routine, he waits at the top of the stair until it is time to wake the kids.  I think it is his favorite part of the day....
He has now even earned the right to sleep in Nathan's room.  This makes Nathan a very happy little boy.  The other night, when offered to sleep in our room (which he LOVES), he declined because his dog got really excited about going to bed and he couldn't disappoint him.

He almost started chewing my throw rug.  Then he saw my face and intelligently decided otherwise.  Smart doggie.

Him and Isabelle are best buds, especially on days when the older two are at school and Isabelle is alone at home.  He has to fight her for his kennel most days (he loves to sleep in there during the day) as Isabelle likes to lock herself in there and go to sleep on his blanket.  He is so sweet and even when he was just sleeping, he leaves his kennel and makes room for her, then resumes sleeping outside of it.

Watching TV with the kids.  He may be thinking he is one of them.  He usually steals the blanket too.

Copper is an all-around great dog and we all love him.  Not one of us has problems with him or is scared of him.  He is gentle, mellow and easy-going.  Plus he is just cute!

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