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Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

The one thing David and I don't see eye-to-eye is Halloween.  He loves it.  I, not having grown up here, hate it.  The monsters, the blood, the ick, the gruesome...I just don't get it.  In order to keep it popular, some smart person threw candy in the mix.  Alas, generations of kids grow up loving this candy-laden day.  But, I have to admit, I love the way my kids get excited to dress up, mingle with strangers and get giddy about the insane amount of candy they get.  
This year, we didn't buy any costumes but only took what we had in the dress-up box.  It worked out well and the kids were excited.  Isabelle went in her witch costume, Nathan was a Broncos football player (his latest obsession is football), and Abigail was an adorable little ballerina.
Isabelle wasn't sure about her hat. She kept insisting it was falling off although while she was telling us that, she'd fling her hat from one side to another and the hat stayed exactly where it was.  She kept talking about it for probably the first 30 minutes and was obsessed with it until she finally accepted that the hat, indeed, did not fall off.
Grandma accompanied us as she does every year.  She was the first to give candy to the kids as they always trick-or-treat her first in front of our house.  This year she had giant Hello Kitty marshmallow lollipops for them as well as saltwater taffy and some other delights. 

How cute.  We laughed so much.  Abigail would talk people's ear off, Nathan would try to tear her away, and Isabelle, she was just a hoot.  Abby made sure Isabelle would always say "Thank you" and "Trick or Treat".  Abigail would tell everyone that this was her brother, Nathan, who was seven, and her sister Isabelle, who is two.....  It was just too cute.

There wasn't too much scary stuff this year.  Isabelle had a few houses that were "carie" to her and she didn't want to go to.  Nathan and Abby weren't really scared until they came to a house where a giant spider jumped at them.  Nathan and Abby both jumped.  Nathan thought it was "Awesome!" while Abby did not share his sentiment.  She was quite upset about it but thankfully no nightmares resulted.

The loot.  Just look at all that candy.  Crazy.  And we only went for a little bit.

Yum.  :-)

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  1. Halloweeeeeen :-)
    Schick schauen sie aus . Alles passend hihi