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Monday, November 4, 2013


I love our school.  For so many reasons.  One of them is that they put a big emphasis on character.  It is equally important to them as a great education is.  Each month of the school year they celebrate and discuss and watch for one specific character trait.  Each teacher nominates two students who they think represent that trait exemplary.  Nathan previously had earned "Grace" and "Meekness".  Usually the parents get a call a few days before the secret celebration.  We got the call the first month this year!  Nathan had earned an award for "Respect".    A few minutes later the phone rang again and Abigail had earned the award as well!  We were really excited for both our children to receive this honor. 
On Wednesday morning, while I was still in Nathan's classroom, his teacher announced that he had won the award.  It was neat to see his face.  He was definitely wanting to be the one to win it and when he did, he was very humble about it.  He just quietly accepted it with a proud smile on his face.  Abigail was surprised just right before the party in the lunchroom, as her teacher just sent her there to meet her parents.  Abigail was super excited (see smile on pictures).  She made us laugh.  She was first up (since she is in Kindergarten).  She went up to the Assistant Administrator and had that smile on her face the whole time.  When she was done, she was handed her award, her ribbon and a school pencil.  She exclaimed with genuine excitement: "Mama!  I got a pencil!"   It made everyone chuckle.  

The Assistant Administrator reading Abigail's letter from her teacher which explains why she awarded Abigail this honor.

"Look, mama!  I got a pencil!"

Nathan hates being the center of attention.  He was so nervous but trying to act all cool.  :-)  It's hard being 7.  

"Oh, man, I'm glad that is over....

Here is what their teachers wrote:

"Abigail treats her teachers and her classmates respectfully!  She is helpful and patiently waits her turn.  Abigail knows her job as student and like Timothy in the bible, she is very respectful.  Thank you, Abby!  Love, Mrs. W."

"Nathan, You are patient and respectful to your peers and teachers.  Thank you for your hard work, your attention in class, and for always speaking with respect and kindness.  Keep setting a great example of God's love with your respect.  Love, Mrs. D."

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  1. Nathan steht so gelangweilt da.:-(
    Was war der Anlass.